Ranke-Heinemann Stiftung Working in Australia: In this case you will receive financial support from the very beginning. Institut Ranke-Heinemann supports every student Freemover financially during their stay abroad in Australia , New Zealand or Canada within a scholarship programme. Stays for internships For stays lasing six weeks to six months, students are eligible for a monthly partial scholarship or a travel allowance. Please fill out the application form online and upload the documents in PDF format. Scholarship Council – Regierungsstipendium der V.

Due to the higher cost of living abroad, a much greater number of students are eligible for state-funded financial aid in this case. The scholarship is effective on January 1, Please avoid evaluations from language teachers. Most foundations demand excellent or above-average scores better than the German grade 2. Some foundations are organised in foundation groups. Stipendiumplus – Scholarships for the promotion of young talents in institutions of higher education. What points need to be considered when applying online?

Grants provided for stays in chosen partner universities outside of Europe. Funding opportunities for foreign students – scholarship guide booklets for download only in German!

Russian for beginners and advanced students Polish for beginners and advanced students Portuguese for beginners and advanced students Turkish for beginners and advanced students Spanish only for advanced students In exceptional cases, other languages not offered by Zessko can be considered.

TUM employees may not receive any additional financial funding and may not claim the zusland cost from TUM or from any other institution.


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A free foundation search engine, which contains around Stipendiumplus – Scholarships for the promotion of young talents in institutions of higher wusland The various organizations of ” Stipendiumplus ” also offer their scholarship recipients funding for stays abroad.

Lump sums for language courses are not awarded in combination with travel allowances or partial scholarships.

thesis im ausland bafög

For that, the stay in Australia must be at least 6 months long and it is required auslannd get a “Study Permit”. Studis Online – Information about unusual study funding only in German!

Please avoid uploading all your documents on the last day, as this can overload the system. Please register on our portal.

Scholarships, BAföG

Please follow the instructions on our Application Guide Documents for the application: Applications must be filed online. Travel allowances are paid only once and are auslxnd automatically disbursed in combination with a partial scholarship.

It is also not possible to apply for a later period. Travel abroad of at least two students for subject-specific learning purposes include, for example.

thesis im ausland bafög

Applications can be submitted continuously during the year until all the funds are used up. What points need to be considered when applying online? Non-German students enrolled aualand a degree program at the University of Potsdam with the goal of completing this program at the University of Potsdam. Applications will not be processed until the corresponding deadline expires.

You will also be informed of any delay in the selection of scholarship winners. The reason for the stay is to write a final thesis. However, she would be ineligible for funding for a four-month study stay and a three-month internship abroad in the same educational phase.


Going Abroad

The International Office does not arrange internships, university slots or language courses for applicants. The language certificate must not be more than two years old.

The Commission selects their scholarship recipients from the submitted applications and informs them of the outcome. Which application documents are required?

Please contact the International Office if you have questions.

PROMOS Thesis Abroad

There are some foundations only offering support programmes without financial support. Travel cost support is available from the International Center for academic activities in developing countries.

Upload the following documents in PDF format: How much is the scholarship worth? The scholarship is effective on January 1, Scholarships for international students and doctoral and PhD candidate: Letter of motivation Application form CV Enrolment certificate Certified copies of study certificates Certified copies of higher education entrance qualification, transfer of records, B. However, as an exception, if a partnership exists only for a specific department or exclusively for teacher mobilityPROMOS funding for another department or for thrsis mobility is possible.