Valuing and promoting cultural diversity can help with the education that we give to the children and young people we work with as they can learn about different cultures, habits and other things unique to a specific culture. How would they tactile sensation if they were go forth out. Old Town show they are accepting of differences and promote and value cultural diversity as across the school from Nursery to Year 2 they have about 26 different languages spoken. These prejudices that lead to discrimination are often due to lack of knowledge and understanding of cultural and social differences so it is down to adults to educate and teach children to understand and respect other peoples differences in order for them to grow into mature respectful young adults, to do this children should be encouraged to explore and discover other cultures, beliefs and the environment around them. Accessed May 22, It is also vital you take into account the age of the children as very young children may say something not understanding the implications and meaning of what they have said in which case you will need to explain to the child that their comments are not acceptable and that everyone should be treated fairly and equally.

Bibliography Burnham, L Baker, B supporting teaching and learning in schools primary Heinemann work based learning Essex Related posts: Inclusive practice is defined as: You can also have individual discrimination where policies and procedures allow practice which directly or indirectly discriminates against someone. Haven’t found the Essay You Want? She took a group of children to do a maths activity with them, a student who is training to be a teacher took a group and another volunteer took a group as well but she gave two children, M.

If you want to get a full essay, mark it on our website: By promoting and valuing cultural diversity we can live with freedom from bias because as we interact with people of different cultures on a daily basis there should be no scope for people to gather and from baseless prejudices or feelings of superiority. If they school are able to adapt to meet the needs of the child and the SENCO and other professionals from outside agencies who may come to see the child are happy that they are doing well enough in mainstream education then they have the right to be and this is something you should respect.

At Hillbourne in Reception, the teacher Mrs. I sat with them watching what they were doing and they 36 telling me about which box would the most and least.


When a child experiences prejudice and discrimination this can mean they may have lack of motivation, they may feel angry, depressed and confused. It is important that all children are not discriminated against in any way — if this happens you need to make sure that the correct measures are used to deal with the problem and prevent it from happening again.


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We now live in such a diverse society with different religions, cultures and a lot of people with EAL that it is important that we value and promote cultural diversity especially when working with children. Equality, Diversity and Inclusion send By clicking “Send”, you agree to our terms of service and privacy policy. You can also have individual discrimination where policies and procedures allow practice which directly or indirectly discriminates against someone.

Through your work with children and 36 people it is important that you challenge all cases of discrimination and take all of ewsay cases seriously no matter how small and make sure you deal with them as quickly and professionally as possible. If you need this or any other sample, we can send it to you via email. The process of identifying understanding and breaking barriers to participation and belonging Ensuring everyone feels valued.

Code of Practice on the Duty to Promote Race Equality — This is a statutory code which supports the public authorities to meet the duties set out in the Race Relations amendment Act It is important that you promote anti-discriminatory practice in your work with children and young people in order to create an inclusive environment where everyone can enjoy and achieve.

Accessed May 22, It is also eszay that you ensure you are aware of the needs of all the children you work with for example if they have 33.6 or SEN, if they are new to the school, if they have a different culture or ethnicity or if they are in foster care.

B did a similar thing for two children. Also they may feel they know an answer but then they may start to doubt their answer and then will not put their hand being too afraid they may get it wrong.

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Tuesday, June 11, Tda 3. They must have written policies which reflect the rights and responsibilities of those within the school environment. These policies must also include the essaay in which the school use to monitor the difference that the policies make to individuals and the school.


It is essential that all children are allowed to participate in activities that will broaden their horizons i. This act covers people who are gay, lesbian, bisexual and heterosexual.

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Hi, I am Sara from Studymoose Hi there, would you like to get such a paper? Child not being allowed to join in because of their religion Child not being accepted because of special education needs.

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If you respect others beliefs and values they are more likely to return the favour meaning everyone can get along and the support you give will be more efficient. Another way to promote anti-discriminatory practice is through eliminating stereotypes i. It also requires schools to promote inclusion, disability and race equality for all.

Non-belief is also covered by these regulations. Experiences of prejudice and discrimination can affect children and young people in many ways. They will drop dead not wanting to be involved in activities, forfeit putting their hand up to ask questions.

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It is important that when dealing with cases of discrimination you recognise that it can be intentional but can also be because of ignorance and lack of understanding. It is also important that where applicable you should ensure that all activities are always tailored so that all children can participate regardless of their needs.

One side affect could be a young person self-harming — this could happen when a young person is being discriminated against so often that it would be classed as bullying. This can continue on a daily basis with children mentation they argon masking and arent doing anything wrong. It is important to think about the ways in which your practice can be affected by your values, attitudes and behaviour so that you can ensure you provide effective and professional support for the children and young people in your care whilst remaining true to yourself and your beliefs.