There was also no use for the other people to get married, because the connections were allready made. Clearly, if we believe Marwyn’s tale he is not part of such a faction. Please check my FAQ and the other links on my sidebar for more info. Thinking of the matter like that, Lady Dustin’s claim that Rickard harbored “southron ambitions” suddenly can be viewed in a wholly different light. I was left with young Lord Dustin, until Ned Stark took him from me. This united House Tully and House Arryn. I’m not sure that all maesters would be involved in such a plot, but I do think there is good reason to think that at least a significant faction of such people exists at the Citadel.

Arryn himself was ready and picked up the cause when Aerys commanded him to turn over his wards. Or was it just the general discontent with Aerys and he saw an opportunity for his Lord to take advantage of? Eddard’s fury was second only to Robert’s, who would not suffer one Targaryen to survive and grew into the natural contender for the throne in exchange for the Targaryen dynasty as a whole. Most likely she visited her brother Eddard at the Eyrie at some time, and there Robert learned to know her. If you commit one murder, doesn’t mean you will ever do another. Is it to make Westeros weaker by destroying central authority? And, once again, viewing Cressen’s actions in the light of Marwyn’s warnings, puts a whole new level of analysis on the ACoK prologue.

Idiot’s Guide to Southron Ambitions, P.1

And he was not wrong. But one question remains unanswered still: When you have a region as large and isolated as the North that reasoning is just multiplied. Rickard and Winterfell’s Maester Walys are considered by Lady Dustin to be one of the ringleaders which is supported by other circumstantial evidence.

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southron ambitions essay

Just how does one separate the Targaryen reign over Westeros from dragons, prophecy, and magic? Before he forged his chain, Maester Walys had been known as Walys Flowers. Now there is no way House Stark became rulers of and held onto the North for thousands amvitions years without cutting the occasional deal. I think that there was an anti-Targaryen faction that developed among the archmaesters of the Citadel at some point, and I think there is a good ambltions that faction preferred to see Tywin Lannister on the throne.

The Idiot’s Guide to Southron Ambitions, Part 1 (201.1)

But actions in concert with other High Lords whom they have solemn marriage ties with, may be a road that brings that dream to reality. Jon Arryn was content with upholding a peace that became more and more facade, and his inevitable death finally destroyed the balance of power, giving way to the Lannister rise and the demise of Houses Stark and Xouthron.

Be grateful for that. Please check my FAQ and the other links on my sidebar for more info. First, Aerys is holding his heir and his link to the Tullys hostage, along with the heir to House Arryn. Sign in Already have an account? Want to add souturon the discussion? There is certainly a “anti magic bias based on empiricism” as I pointed out in the first post responding to Bael’s Bastard. As for why not raise up his banners when Brandon is arrested, there’s a combination of factors.

Is it to make Westeros weaker by destroying central authority? The True Scope of Ambiitons Honor and Culture sheds some light how Northern honor influences the political culture of that region.

To make sure you don’t see soithron details from later books or seasons, Tower of the Hand lets you set a “scope” to indicate how much you’ve read or seen.

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All Comments – Top Comments – Me. Jon Arryn brokered the marriage between Robert and Cersei Lannisterthereby creating a new alliance to rest the new dynasty on, an alliance that would prove very unstable. We should have real good tangible evidence – a really good hint – that something is amiss there on a very large scale.


Walys, and Cressen, are two maesters whose actions essah them at the forefront as candidates to be leaders of the maester’s conspiracy that Marwyn tells Sam about in A Feast for Crows.

They want a world ruled by reason. There is no evidence for these fosterings having any offensive or defensive intent towards House Targaryen.

I think there are lots of reasons, but simply put they are trying to construct a world that rejects rule by those who have imposed their will through magic, superstition, prophecy, and dragons. The only real absence is the Blackfyre Rebellions, when the Starks had other things on their minds. It does mean you have it in your character essqy do such a thing under the right circumstances. Not many, just three or four at most.

The Greyjoys use that strategy while most of the Northmen are away and aouthron mixed results. But you can always check my tagbesides discussing the subject a few times, I usually remember to link it when talking about it.

southron ambitions essay

If he was betrayed and his efforts were sabotaged then perhaps the men who hated his reforms and wanted to prevent them from being pushed through with the help of dragons worked against him? Which is a long way of saying the goals of the rebellion change by the developments of on the ground and don’t strictly follow a blueprint made up by Lord Rickard or anyone else in the pre-war period.