Once you have established what has already been said on your topic, you can then say what contribution your thesis makes to this broader exchange. For information, visit the University of Arkansas pre-medical website at http: The International Studies Thesis Defense: Check out the honors program pages below for additional resources and guidance. Students in Fulbright College may aspire to membership in the following organizations: The minor must be in a field other than the major, and students must notify the department of their intention to minor.

Uniquely positioned by its close proximity to over Fortune companies that have established satellite operations in Northwest Arkansas to support the world’s largest retailer.. Most medical schools will not accept CLEP credit, and in some cases, AP credit for the required courses above is not accepted. Economics Understand and adapt to a changing economic environment. The general education curriculum of the college is based on the Platonic assumption that the pursuit of knowledge is an intrinsically good activity and that it is incumbent upon all members of an enlightened society to engage in that pursuit. A diverse group of Walton College alumni who are ambassadors for the college and who use their experience and insight to advancement the college’s goals.

The thesis should include a cover page and a bibliography, and all pages should be numbered.

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After majors and minors are listed, other programs of study, such as pre-professional programs are listed. At least 4 hours must be chosen from biological and 4 hours from physical. Some keys to success: Students must demonstrate proficiency in a single modern or classical language other than English Intermediate I of a world language. As part uakr these requirements the student must choose a major, but the choice of a major has no direct bearing upon admission to medical school and should reflect the particular interests of the student.


Formal application for the degree should be made tbesis the Registrar. Supported programs include but are not limited to the following:.

senior thesis uark

thesus All four-year honors undeclared major students and all freshman-level four-year honors declared major students receive advising from the Fulbright Honors Program office in Old Main Fulbright College social media feeds. Additional courses are recommended. His name will imbue that college, and the University, with his reputation and image for a devoted interest in higher education and its accomplishments through its scholars as reflected in its students.

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Degree Completion Program Policy Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences Graduation Requirements In addition to the specific course requirements for the degree plan and major, be aware that there are general graduation requirements that every student in Fulbright College must complete. Core — 27 hours; 15 hours must be at honors level. Select two of the following from two different areas: However, all honors students must have a 3. Any committee member may ask the student to move the defense term, if the deadline is not met.

This can be done from a number of methodological and disciplinary perspectives, and, as such, great diversity can be expected from one IS thesis to the next.

The Director may set expectations, guidelines, and deadlines, whereupon it becomes the responsibility of the student to meet such requirements. An honors thesis in International Studies must include appropriate citation of sources.

A world-class, interdisciplinary research facility for studying human behavior and decision making. The minimum requirements for many medical schools can be met by completion of the following courses: Fulbright College social media seniir.

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If the student is not meeting expectations, the committee member may ask to be replaced, whereupon the student must contact the Fulbright Honors Studies Office in Old Main for approval.


These 30 semester hours are to be upper-division semester thexis required for the completion of a degree program. Students interested in any of these advanced degrees should consult the Graduate School Catalog or the Dean of the Graduate School. An honors thesis should have an argument.

senior thesis uark

Colloquia in Social Sciences 1. Students should consult their advisers on a regular basis, not limited to registration matters but including all areas of their academic careers. All students pursuing entrance into the M. Specific requirements for the minor are given in the section entitled Departments, Majors, and Minors.

senior thesis uark

Committee Members The student may seek the expertise of other committee members as well but the primary responsibility of the additional committee members is on the day of the defense. Style and Presentation Unless otherwise agreed with your thesis supervisor, your honors thesis should follow standard style and presentation.

Humanities and Social Sciences Thesiw 2.

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Included in these 40 hours can be courses numbered if each has a specific course designated as a prerequisite. Download PDF of this page. If the student is not meeting expectations, the director may explain that the student is not ready to defend and should postpone the defense to a later term or graduate without honors.