The law imposes that the Barangay and the Police should always and immediately trust the account of the women, regardless of what it is and how credible it is. Law Implementation The level of awareness of the respondents as regards to the Law Implementation of the RA is at Anti-VAWC Act empowers any person having public knowledge of the circumstances involving the commission of an abusive act to file a criminal complaint. You are commenting using your Facebook account. What can women and children do under the law? Survey Questionnaire – It is a pre-written series of questions used in gathering important information from one or more persons. As a public crime, the acts of violence defined by the Anti-VAWC Act specifically include abuses common to victim-survivors of domestic violence, in addition to those that can be found in the Revised Penal Code.

Is the government at fault in situations of abuse of women and children because of poor implementation or dissemination of the law? It includes but is not limited to the following acts: Everything starts at home. He will be sucked of his finances during the litigation process and is also forced to give monetary support to his children even though he was deprived of seeing them anymore. Sexual violence — it refers to an act which is sexual in nature, committed against a woman or her child. Some respondents mentioned that they have live-in partners with a common child, have same sex partners lesbian relationship or are in a relationship with a boyfriend.

Anti- Violence against Women and Children Law. Towards a Citizen-Driven Justice System: Recent Posts Picture, Picture. Also, it recognizes the battered women syndrome as a legal defense.

Alice, showing the concern and the will to help our community be a safer place for women and children. This includes but is not limited to the following: This notion makes men think that they are superior over women and that they can rule over their 926, and emotions, and eventually make women essy under their power. Anti-Violence against Women and Children Law is a research study on the law implementation effects of it in the respondents.


THE BITTER SIDE OF RA 9262 OR VAWC LAW (Comm 1 Expository Essay)

VAWC is a criminal case that does not require any evidence, witness, or factual data for a woman to file a complaint of. Also, the law protects the family as a very important institution. It includes the biological children of the victim and other children under her care. Any child under the care of a woman is also protected under the law.

Revilla for all of the consultations that improved our research paper and who patiently answered all of our questions. Ramos, one of our BOD members.

ra 9262 essay

The following limitations of the law were also discovered: The RA is unconstitutional and it violates eesay fundamental human rights of a person including the right of a person to be declared innocent and blameless until proven otherwise. Physical Violence — it refers to acts that include bodily or physical harm.

ra 9262 essay

What is the profile of the respondent in terms of: The law imposes that the Barangay and the Police should always and immediately trust the account of the women, regardless of what it is and how credible it is. This study proposes that if women are knowledgeable of such law, crimes related to VAWC can be alleviated because women will be empowered and be armed with necessary ways and steps on how to protect themselves from the violence and abuses that perpetrators can cause them.

Psychological violence happens when there are acts or omissions which cause perceptual or emotional grief of the victim. Is this law really a deterrent against committing abuse to women and children because of the consequences this law dssay against perpetrators?

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I know that battery covered under VAWC Law is an act of inflicting 5 4 3 2 1 physical harm upon the woman or her child resulting to physical and psychological distress. Sexual relations refer to a single sexual act which mayor may not result to a bearing of esay child. Not only these women and children should protect themselves, but the whole community must be informed so that we can all help fight violence against women and children.


Most respondents are aware of the cases they could file against their husbands. Thus, the law protects the woman and her children. Eventually, this can affect other families since we live as a community.

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Women are stereotyped ewsay weak because naturally women are serious in what they feel and what others made them feel. It means that a relationship existed between a woman and a partner who is abusive or has previously a bused her, whether or not the relationship was formal. Those reasons may be psychological, through experience, or anything that has made a person of who he is now.

There are acts that women can do against their husband which will not convict them.

This discussion resulted to the affirmation of the Decade for Women which talks about the desire of women worldwide for equality, peace and development. The law recognizes the unequal relations of a man and a woman in an abusive relationship where it is usually the woman who is disadvantaged. There are many other things not listed here that are considered unfair with the provisions on the Barangay Protection Order.

Limitations of RA