Nagpi works in a machine shop. Topic 13 Name Reteaching Problem Solving: Forty-one are hardbacks and 59 are paperbacks. The length of the twig is more than 75 mm but less than 76 mm. Topic 3 59 Name Reteaching Problem Solving: The denominator tells you the last decimal place in your number. Compare the remainder with the divisor.

Classify the smaller cubes. What information helped you solve the problem? There is 1 group of 10 plus 1 group of 8 ones left. Multiply and divide in order from left to right. The closed circle represents the number 4. You can also find how much money Kim has left by completing the following expression.

Cube Cylinder Topic 13 Name Reteaching Surface Pproblem The surface area of a rectangular prism is the sum of the areas of all of its faces. How are they painted differently from each other?

See the line below. Tenths 0 Hundredths 2 Thousandths 5 You can use a place-value chart to write a decimal as a fraction.


Denise gets minutes each ptoblem to use on her cell phone. Hwong has 39 muffins. Draw a picture, write an equation, and solve. Reteaching You can use arrays to find the factors of Look at the 1st Worksheet — Problem Solving Steps. A chair is about 1 tall and a wide. They are dfaw sale for 0.

Problem Solving: Draw a Picture and Write an Equation

Lines are sometimes described by relationships to other lines. How many packets of 60 beads can she put together? Topic 7 Reteaching 3. About how many more hours did Brigid work than Kevin? Steve Sam 3 feet.

Problem Solving: Draw a Picture and Write an Equation – ppt download

About how much will it cost to purchase 96 pillows? Continue adding hundreds, thousands and ten thousands. A B Draw a diagonal, AC.

problem solving draw a picture reteaching 13-10

Each box will hold 20 books. How much yogurt did she eat today? He wants to wrap each of his newspapers in a plastic bag to protect them from the rain.

problem solving draw a picture reteaching 13-10

The school has 8 classrooms. In the shop, the drill bits are kept in a cabinet with drawers. About how much does it cost to ride? No number greater than 18 can be a factor of Topic 14 Reteaching 3 h is No red balloons burst during the party. You can change the groupings of addends.


What fraction of an hour does she have left to go?

For questions 1 through 6, find the quotient. He said his answer was The decimal is 0. Write whether each number is prime or composite. Notice that the product is always the digits 48 followed by the total number of zeros that are in the factors.