As rim slope is somewhat related to crater depth, I can hypothesize that crater diameter and depth do have a direct correlation to each other. The equation for kinetic energy is: The coin would not always go past the take-off point due to a great amount of friction. Person a ball will be taken and in the future tense if its a method. I can also determine reliability by looking at whether my error bars overlap.

Ensure authentic, tamper proof documents. Gcse physics coursework terminal velocity and air resistance help please? Repeat above steps To make sure the runway is secure because if it for the heights, 10 moves it could affect the height which could cm in 10cm reduce reliability. This supports my hypothesis as it shows increasing height also increases the distance travelled in air. Decision What we found from our preliminary?

PerhapsNo more troubles with writing! This experiment did 3 repeats and then showed an average which increases accuracy and validity They dropped balls into sand and other granular materials.

Ibtisam Awow 10P Physics Coursework Shape of Object The more streamlined an object is the less air particles hitting it to slow it down as it is more capable of slicing through the air. At a height of 30cm the average distance travelled in air was cm. Ibtisam Awow 10P Physics Coursework 3. Ibtisam Awow 10P Physics Coursework Do 3 trials and take Repeating it 3 times and taking an average will an average. Velocity is the speed of an object with direction cratere the equation is: The width of secondarry The runway being Yes, we should use a runway phsyics may have runway with a greater caused it to hit the rim width so daata has an even on the sides.

As the marble makes it way down the runway its GPE is transferred into kinetic energy but that is assuming the amount of friction and air resistance are negligible.


physics coursework craters secondary data

This means the greater the friction the lower the distance travelled in air. Distance travelled in Air Controlled How will it be Why?

At 50cm, repeat 2, we were presented with an outlier. The smaller the error bars, the more accurate the results are. At 10 cm we both got a value of 75 cm and are results at 20cm only differ by a centimetre.

Physics Coursework Craters Secondary Data

The more humid it is the less dense it is because particles are spread out meaning the distance travelled in air is higher.

It gives enough GPE to be transferred into kinetic to give meaningful results. I’ m doing an investigation for my GCSE coursework on craters. Character analysis essay on romeo and juliet vocab essay contest high school students online essay on personal and career Impact Craters Physics Coursework – salaki.

physics coursework craters secondary data

Secondary craters on the surface of Mars from a trailing hemisphere Stickney impact. I have the opportunity to use one of five public data sets provided in the course.

Sign in Get started. The confidence in my conclusion could be improved collecting extra data or making amendments to the method.

Craters Coursework

The Effect of Height of a Ramp on the Speed of a Trolley For this piece of coursework, I intend to investigate the relationship between the heights of a ramp to the change in speed. The Aim of this investigation is to determine relationships between the following variables:. Next i put the tub of sand next to the wall and leaned the ruler up against the wall resting on the sand.

At a height of 70cm the average distance travelled in air was cm.

Considering the Craters of Mars

Speed at take-off at launch The faster an object is at take off the further it will travel. Neither old location of codes that moved nor deleted codes are shown in this listing; that information may be viewed on other areas of this site.


Overall the greater the height, the greater the GPE which means the more kinetic energy causing a greater velocity and thus a greater distance travelled I have confidence in my conclusion as we can see as height increases the distance travelled in air increases. Over the course of years, and mostly within the first few hundred years Nayak et al; should crraters emplaced on Phobos and observe whether or not this prediction is consistent with the kink that appears in the crater counting data of Schmedemann et al.

physics coursework craters secondary data

None of the error bars overlap which suggests my data is reliable. Decision What we found from our preliminary Should the runway It should be open so we can observe the path be open or taken by the marble and any subsequent physisc tunnelled? The experiment was repeated 3 times in order to ensure reliability.

Considering the Craters of Mars – Towards Data Science

Place the marble on the line marked off in point 2 and release it without exerting extra force. We should not exert extra point 2 and release it force as this would interfere with our controlled without exerting extra factors and thus hinder validity.

They also calculated an average from their three trials making it easily comparable.