Golu Galata Retrieved from http: The value-for-money positioning helps generate large sales volumes for the products. Value for money allows all age group to enjoy Parle products to their fullest. University of Toronto Press. This can result in less attraction for the brand products of Parle.

Exact matches only Advanced Search. Also they focus on providing good quality products at the same time, which means it uses the value pricing method. Exports — Our Reach Retrieved from http: Now there are many other products like wafers and toast. Help Center Find new research papers in: It was concluded that Parle is the first preference of both the customers and retailers Organized and unorganized both because of its price and brand image.

Parle subsequently addressed rising input costs by reducing the weight of the package, franchising production, reducing supply chain costs and reducing packaging costs.

Parle can motivate retailers and wholesalers with good incentives and programs. So, it’s not for nothing that Parle-G is the world’s largest-selling biscuit by volumes.

Parle-G Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The Objective of the case study is to find out the reasons for the preference of people in Glucose biscuit also to know why Parle-G is no. It also has several manufacturing units on contract. The replacement of the damaged and expired biscuits should be prompt and without any hassles, so that retailer can be saved from the loss of the expired and damaged goods.

Will Parle-G be relevant to the cwse generation?


Search Case Solutions Search for: Hence Parle Company should opt for innovative techniques to maintain the brand of Parle-G. A looming problem in this brand category for Parle was that the input prices of two major raw materials for the Parle-G biscuits which together accounted for 55 per cent of their input costs had risen enough in t past 18 months to decrease margins from 15 per cent to less than 10 per cent.

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Enter the email address you signed up with and oarle email you a reset link. What a long way that bright little boy came! Parle company had made huge profit by marketing their products in India and in foreign countries.

Parle Products has been India’s largest manufacturer of biscuits and confectionery for almost 85 years. The Parle Company should maintain the loyal retailers and wholesalers since one of the most important strengths of the company is its wide spread distribution network 3 Improving supply system for established brands: Be it a big city or a remote village of India, the Parle G symbolizes quality, health and great taste.


Sometimes biscuits get damaged while being delivered to retailers. Parle-G is available to consumers, even in the most remote of places.

The immense popularity of Parle products in India was always a challenge to their production capacity. Parle-G is available for Rs 50 a kg. The major learning objectives are as follows: The value-for-money positioning stuvy generate large sales volumes for the products. Browse Catalogue Go to Close. The company should take proper measures that the schemes and offers are not gulped by the middlemen, and that it benefits the retailers and customers.


parle g case study ivey

Since it started in it has seen a tremendous increase in participating each year, with entries coming from schools of West Bengal. These are all important aspects of marketing strategy.

Exact matches only Advanced Search. Parle-G biscuits sold for about U.

parle g case study ivey

There is sudden increase in bakery products for past certain period of time in the market. Debasish MaitraVarun Dawar. Parle-G, casr price warrior Retrieved fromhttps: Makers of the world’s largest selling biscuit, Parle-G, and a host of other very popular brands, the Parle name symbolizes quality, nutrition and great taste. Economic Times, 16 January According to a Nielsen report released inParle-G is the largest selling biscuit in the world.

From husking the wheat and melting the sugar to delivering the final products to supermarkets and store shelves nationwide, care is taken at every step to ensure the best product of long-lasting freshness.

Parle could not ignore the deeply entrenched perception of VFM when devising both short- and long-term marketing plans to retain Parle-G’s success in the marketplace.