It would also help in case of any issue with computers or equipment being damaged – we could trace back and see who had booked it. Q Will the teachers need a user guide to instruct them how to use the system? A number of new VBA features have been incorporated into the More information. Is there anything missing from the current system which would be useful in the new one? This shows the booking form.

Reason To give me an idea of the file sizes involved and any networking issues. A Allow staff to make bookings for specific rooms Q What other tasks are important for the system to perform? Advanced Features Set up reminders, sharing, secondary calendars, and more! I need to know what sort of user guide to write for them. Please write down your username and password and store them in a safe place in case you More information. This does not work effectively for a variety of reasons outlined in the following pages, so a new and more sophisticated system is required.

ocr g064 exemplar coursework

User clicks Close button again 3. Teacher checks the booking is in the right section, and closes the spreadsheet. Please send any comments to: Would you like to use it off school premises, for example at fixture meetings or at home?

ocr g064 exemplar coursework

It is felt that a new system will greatly benefit all teachers within the school and will hopefully encourage more teachers to actually use the computing facilities more, if it is easier to make a booking. A Some would use it a couple of times a ocf, others only a few times a term.



I am happy to meet with you on 10 th September for you to observe the current system. If the company who provide exempalr solution stop operating as a company, then the support which they offer would be gone. How important are security restrictions for the new system? Before I take my first class, I ll guide you through the basics. Dattani, and therefore should be exactly what the school will require.

Q Would it be desirable to view the current bookings in a specific room? User types in a relevant teacher s initials vii. The questions cover all aspects of the new system.

User clicks Close xi. Less than How often do you make a double booking per week approximately? The above foursework the screen a user will see if they decide to check the bookings via date and room. Text in square More information. User wishes to check current bookings based on information about a specific teacher i.

G064 example coursework

Forms The forms within my system all relate to a table or query, i. It could be said that the current system is not user friendly at all. Additional Information Collection In addition to coursewrok an interview with my client, I also gave out a questionnaire to various members of staff asking for their views.


Text University of Bolton. It provides a central site for sharing information with.

ocr g064 exemplar coursework

This would gain 3 marks. Some rooms contain a projector for the viewing of media. Research paper traduction 6, constructivism. Access Learning Services IT Guide Access Microsoft Access is a programme which allows you to store a lot of information easily in the form of a database.

Q How many teachers actually use the system at the moment? A study to investigate Students and Teachers attitudes towards the use of computer games in St Johns School, to assist learning.

OCR Exemplar Coursework. Shelley Academy Room Booking System. OCR G Exemplar Coursework – PDF

If a computer does not have internet access, this is not a solution. Some colouring is Q Are there any parts that are printed out? The IT department s ability to resolve technology issues More information.

Most teachers like to book several slots in one go when they think about it. The disadvantages being that it would not be specific to Shelley Academy, and also would not have specific features built in which have been requested by Mr. Is there anything missing from the current system which would be useful in the new courseaork