It would be like supporting Drew Barrymore but I guess support for Israel tops everything among “conservatives”. Israel News Talk Radio. Netanyahu and France does not love B. Why would anyone care what Portman says this? And again, after 60 years, they refer to their towns as camps which is absolutely untrue. She is the one that needs to “chillax”. No,, this is something which must never be forgotten.

Maybe she knows something the rest of you don’t? In addition, she is a public figure with a fan base, and is likely to influence others. History repeats itself when we look away, ignore, and forget. Alan Kardon He has a good point, while the holocaust was extremely tragic, there are many other things that we should emphasize. They use this terminology to gain world sympathy. Army Archerd writes a column for Daily Variety. We should work hard to remember it as an example of what can happen when evil takes over.

Is Natalie Portman Right and Jews Need to Chillax about the Holocaust?

There were Jews who were in denial about it when it happened — could the very civilized country Germany actually come to the point of committing such crimes against her own people.

This is history whose themes are both specific to Jews and universal for humanity and for her to make such a statement belies the last decade of history for Jews, Israel and the nataloe that has suffered at the hands of those who want ancient history to repeat itself.

natalie portman essay harvard crimson

I do not see Jewish as acting as perpetual victims…what happened to them was horrific…they should never forget, never. Just what on earth do you believe in? Did she really say this for real??


Truly, is this anything more than Natalie Hershlag Portman justifying her life as a Hollywood elitist who went to Harvard, won an award for acting, married crimsoh French dancer and now desires to be among the left leaning self hating internationalist elite?

Show them how Torah and Mitzvos help to nourish our soul and spread porrman through the world. Hey Natalie, maybe you can take after Mayim Bialik! Clemenza Have you ever seen the full European cut of Leon? Sensationalizing haravrd just result in a loss of readership for you.

It was not merely hatred, it was a policy whose aim was to systematically wipe essau a whole people from the face of the world. Natalie Portman is a Harvard graduate, and, while enrolled at the University, responded to a an essay in the Harvard Crimson critical of Israeli actions against Palestinians.

Well that is not how the Jewish people and Judaism will flourish. She is the one that needs to “chillax”. Portman wanted to be Professor Mandel, she-should-would have been a trolley car!

natalie portman essay harvard crimson

Why would anyone care what Portman says this? The actress returned to Jerusalem to shoot some scenes of the film. And as our whole history proves, all our writings and our greatest sages tell us the remedy is Jewish national unity and absolute mutual responsibility towards each other.

Now in France we cannot speak about the Shoah any more and N.

But being a Jew means more than remembering the past tragedies; it means being part of and perpetuating the 3, year Jewish Tradition and community going back to Moses and the Exodus. We are at risk and the Holocaust unfortunately is the example to bring to the public.


Her idiotic comments are out portkan place and must apologize to the survivors and all of us who cares. Obviously Jews are not worthy of empathy.

I must admit that I found her to be quite attractive in Episode I I think she was only 16 or 17 during filming.

There is nothing about her that indicates she’s a self-hating Jew. NO she is very incorrect.

Natalie Portman Strikes Back (Kickin’ Harvard Crimson Butt)

Portman is under french influence. Portman is very wrong in what she crkmson and her words only stoke the fires of antisemitism around the world. Jews must realize teaching the Holocaust does not enlightened the deranged, it only whets their appetite for more Jew blood. A holocaust is not the sort of thing to chillax about especially if you are personally affected.

That’s what happens when people are ignorant. It was a huge tragedy that should always be remembered. Archerd is far left. Forgive her faults, love her much.

Usually people become smarter with age, not in Hollywood. Her statements arrive at a time when fewer and fewer people are still alive who witnessed the horrors of the Holocaust, and at this particular time, she questions the role of the Holocaust in Jewish education.