The meteor is representative of the idea of xenophobia , which is massively shown in the short story. Discuss the idea of the fear of the unknown. We turned to run away, so great was our terror. As the monster came towards us round the Globe, we saw its legs, which were like great columns. It is hard to believe that we have built thirty of these metal mountains. She too would like to be able to improve things or to travel to other planets where mankind might act differently than it does on Earth.

The end is near, and we must escape while we are still healthy and strong. Then he gently bent the head back again. Again the plain became suddenly lighter and the ground shook. I lay and waited. A species capable of interstellar travel is felled by a cat, insects, rats and pesticide.

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Was wwyndham an hour ago that we entered the Globe? He started to lead us forward along one of the wide roads. Also ironic is that Graham asks “I wonder what on earth they were?

meteor john wyndham essay

They decided to cut the ball in half to see if. Game of Thrones style Casting Calls.

meteor john wyndham essay

Our prayers go with you. Two of the group who had gone with Iss returned with a dreadful story.


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The cave is too narrow for those huge paws to reach inside.

Meteor by John Wyndham – English Language and Literature

The meteor lay in the middle of the floor. We could not see an end to it, whichever way we looked. The end is near, and we must escape while we are still healthy and strong. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: All the human beings have the tendency of believing in something or It was made of rows of straight, endless, parallel roads all going the same way. He was a very brave man. We could see our Globe, and the great black monster lying close to it.


Is this really the beautiful blue planet that promised so much? If we find any such life, our duty is to teach, and to learn, and to work with them. It would be very wicked to hurt any kind of life on its own planet.

We each possess a million years of history, and a million years of knowledge. The outside was certainly made of metal, about fifteen centimetres thick. In many parts of the world, water problems are today more manageable than they otherwise would be I know that nobody will believe this, but they were three or four times the height of our enormous Globe! Also have a read of: Inside that was a layer of soft, plastic material, like a lot of tiny bags all attached to each other.


They decided to cut the ball in half to see if the hole led to anything. But there they stand, ready for tomorrow. We could set out in a huge spaceship, and we could start a new life.

Meteor by John Wyndham

In Meteor by John Wyndham we have the theme of hope, connection, destruction, acceptance and loss. That an alien must have two arms, two legs and a head and in some way be the same height as a human.

meteor john wyndham essay

I shall go into the Globe tomorrow, and the gas will put me to sleep.