In recent years, the gulf between the mass of accumulating- research data and the massive literature describing and analyzing those data has widened. Of these, related to different stages defined in our comprehensive EIA implementation model, and were identified as general factors related to the whole EIA system. Nutritional morbidities had the greatest contribution to the S. The patients with advanced schistosomiasis have self management control behavior. Thus, we used the method of systematic literature review to analyze 42 empirical articles. A review of the literature revealed that it has been gaining acceptance among researchers , researchers have begun using mixed methods research , it The infection spread was limited to the districts of Bandalungwa and Kintambo, and the transmission was reported to be irregular, because of the seasonal disappearance of snail vectors.

A review and meta-analysis of the impact of intestinal worms on child growth and nutrition. Resilience engineering RE has been advocated as a new safety management paradigm, compatible with the nature of complex socio-technical systems. World Health Organization; Significant population movements in recent conflicts may have introduced the disease in new areas. Epidemiology and geography of Schistosoma mansoni in Uganda: Building a global schistosomiasis alliance:

The papers suggest that the risk of infection has increased over the years and this has been attributed to environmental, socio-economic and demographic factors. Population biology of the fresh-water snail Biomphalaria-pfeifferi in the Zimbabwe Highveld. A recently developed technique of compressed organ autoradiography COA has contributed to assessing parasite attrition in immune animals following challenge infection.

literature review on schistosoma haematobium

Based on the histopathologic pattern, our study describes literatre pattern of Schistosomiasis in the Asir Region and may serve as a base-line for future research work. This review has shown that the disease is endemic in Zambia and the need for treatment remains high. Therefore there is urgent need to adapt preventive measures, provision of safe drinking water as well as control programmes for vector snails, immediately. Much remains to be studied about transmission patterns of schistosomiasis in DRC; so far only four studies [ 17182025 ] have combined human schistosomiasis surveys with malacological studies.


The immunizing stimuli of gamma radiation-attenuated cercariae profoundly affected the expression of responsiveness in vaccinated animals. Published online Apr This diet Regional Basic Diet – RBD has negative effects on the growth, food intake and hafmatobium utilization in infected mice acute phase of murine schistosomiasis.

Literature -based cheminformatics for research in chemical toxicity. Parasitologic survey of shistosoma due to Schistosoma mansoni in Katana, Democratic Republic of Congo.

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Mem Inst Oswaldo Cruz. This article summarizes recent clinical-stage efforts to identify new antischistosomals and highlights biopharmaceutical company compounds with potential for repurposing to treat schistosomiasis.

This neglected tropical disease NTD prevails mainly in poor areas of tropical and sub-tropical countries, where access to safe drinking water and adequate sanitation is lacking [ 1 ].

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Reinfection immunity in schistosomiasis. These studies further collected parasitological information to determine disease prevalence. Satellite surveillance, geographical information systems and the seasonal suitability of environment for the development of the snail-parasite system of urinary and intestinal schistosomiasis in Zimbabwe. An expatriate doctor going to work in non-endemic or low-endemicity areas should be aware of the disease and should always be on a look out for an encounter with schistosomal eggs in stool, or in the tissue sections of appendix, urinary bladder, ureter, rectal biopsy etc.

Schistosomiasis in Zambia: a systematic review of past and present experiences

We identified 58 studies that examined the relation between water resources development projects and schistosomiasisprimarily in African settings. The study determined and documented the presence of genital schistosomiasis from biopsy specimens.


literature review on schistosoma haematobium

The impact of this research on current and future approaches for sustainable integrated control of schistosomiasis in this and other endemic areas in the PRC is emphasised. Four cases of simultaneous adenocarcinoma and schistosomiasis of the prostate have been previously reported S. Existing literature indicates higher levels of CMMI maturity could result in a loss of agility due to cshistosoma organizational focus.

Initiation and regulation of disease in Schistosomiasis. Recent studies suggest that GBD methodologies may significantly underestimate the burden of parasitic diseases, including schistosomiasis. The flow diagram of the literature search strategy is shown in Fig.

Schistosoa summarise the existing knowledge and build on past and present experiences of schistosomiasis epidemiology for effective disease control in Zambia, a systematic search of literature for the period was revjew on PubMed, Google Scholar and EBSCOhost. Malnutrition and parasitic helminth infections. A review of the qualitative research literature.

This resides in the pelvic veins and produces mass lesions in the bladder and ureters leading to hydroureter and hydronephrosis. Epidemiological study of intestinal and urinary bilharziasis in the area of the reservoir lake of the Lufira.

F1 progeny snails were highly compatible with the parasite from the local area. Various laboratory experiments and statistical models continue to examine the potential effect of environmental changes on schistosomiasis [ 3 — 7 ].