The design and fabrication of a multi-crop slicing machine is expected to lead to the following; i Reduction of human drudgery associated with the manual method of slicing root and tuber crops. This may be due to toughness and age of the crop. According to Kachru et al.. Inaugural Lecture Series No. Nigerian Journal of Biotechnology, 4: The main frame is the unit of the machine on which all other components of the machine are supported.

Due to its low-cost, it will be suitable for use in Nigeria and other plantain producing countries in sub-Saharan Africa, where patented mechanized plantain slicing machine is not readily available, or where available, the costs are prohibitive. Design for power requirement The required rotational force F c , to drive the shaft was obtained using the relation below Hall et al. Tropical Root and Tuber Crops Newsletter. Literature Review Economic importance of crops selected Onion has a delightful taste and its fresh aroma is uplifting to those who are not allergic to its smell. Different parts of the plantain slicing device: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations;

A long bolt and nut was used to join all the set of knives and spacers together. Owolarafeand S. The hopper serves as a container for holding the crop to be sliced. Slicing is a cutting process for size reduction of fruits and vegetables.

Transaction of the ASAE 1: McGraw Hill Book Co; Both small and medium size responded positively to slicing efficiency, the same was, that is, the efficiency, increases with increase in speed. Palntain the first case, the comprehensive stress applied by the cutting tool to the cell will cause pressure in the cell wall at the point of contact with the cutting tool.


Development of a plantain slicing device

Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations. Table 3 Materials for fabrication of the components and estimated cost. The equivalent torque of It also has a covering unit Fig. This post-harvest loss reduces the income derivable from the crop production by the farmers. Pergamon Press Ltd, London, pp — Published online Feb Different parts of the plantain slicing device: The required shaft diameter is determined using the formula Hall et al.

A Machine for Slicing Yam Tubers.

This paper presents the design, construction and performance evaluation of a highly efficient device that simulates the traditional method of cutting plantain pulp transversely. Kerta Laksana of Indonesia had made a pedal — driven cassava slicer fitted with one large slicing blade.

Crops are commonly sliced and prepared by frying in hot oil or roasting. Due to the nature of the selected crops, a device for slicing is expected to be thin and sharp. Log In Sign Up.

literature review on plantain slicer

Integrated Food Science and Technology, for the Tropics. No of replications Number of slices ripe Number of slices unripe 1 2 3 4 5 6 Average A digital weighing scale was used in determining the mass of the samples, while the volume of the selected crops was determined by volume displacement method. Theory and Problems of Machine Design.


Development of a plantain slicing device

It shows that the difference have significant influence the throughput capacity of the machine. Overview of World Banana Production and Trade.

literature review on plantain slicer

Design for power requirement The required rotational force F cto drive the shaft was obtained using the relation below Hall et al. The machine is therefore observed to perform best at the optimum operating speed of lietrature rpm for all the crops selected except carrot.

Laboratory Analysis of the Combine Header. It has attracted quite a number of small-scale business owners as a major business enterprise. The diameter of cutting disc on which blades were to be mounted was 22 cm i.

The result of the slider shows that the machine can slice root and tuber crops satisfactorily with slices ranging from 8 mm to 9 mm thickness were obtained. Journal of Agricultural Engineering Technology, 2: