For dissertations and theses written from to the present, search the library catalogue NOT the classic catalogue by title, author, or keyword. Thre are 2 reasons for this:. If they take you on, they are taking a very personal interest in your development and future success. Am I eligible to do an Honours thesis? What is the Summer-only option?

It is always advisable to have an idea of what you’d like to do for your project when you register See below An incredibly common statement I hear from students when they are looking for projects months in advance is “But all the popular professors get picked first, so I have to talk to you now! Some professors don’t mind you calling them by their first name. Who is the person I talk to about the Honours Project? Elective credits may be used to fulfill science and upper-level credits. In order to truly understand and learn the APA style of writing you should look at and perhaps even purchase a copy of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association because it will be a good reference book for graduate school. There will be no exceptions.

Can I use a Professor’s First Name? This course provides 4th year undergraduate yorkh with research experience in the Biological Sciences and provides an opportunity to enhance critical thinking, analytical and communication skills. Gerald Audette audette yorku.

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The short answer is No. There are about 7 copies of the 6th edition of the manual available in the libraries on campus, some homours which have been placed on reserve. In my experience, this is overkill and not needed.


honours thesis yorku

In addition, there are a number of online resources available to you to help you to write your thesis following APA formatting and style as outlined in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association Credits outside the major: The point of the project is lab experience, and getting into a lab, any lab, is a means to getting that experience.

Some weeks you will need to put in more hours. Am I eligible to do an Honours thesis?

Theses and dissertations not available in the Libraries or online can be requested through the Resource Sharing Department. The p sychology course requirements are identical for both BA and BSc students. A quick location guide is provided below.

A strong thesis is built on carefully reviewing and analyzing the literature, and communicating clearly and professionally. When you talk with the professor, have something useful to say.

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For Biology, I know that you should find a professor first, but even before that talk with Profs. If they take you on, they are taking a very personal interest in your development and future success. They are not your buddy, text message pal or Facebook friend. Law dissertations are held in the Law Library; most others are held in Scott Library.

For further details see the Goranson award information on next page. If you are interested in pursuing an Honours Thesis, you are strongly encouraged to apply to the Specialized Honours Program, and this will be required for students interested in completing a thesis as of Homours Quite often, students panic and try to get a position lined up to a year in advance. In order to register for a particular workshop go to library Instructional Workshops. Students who graduate from this program will have demonstrated knowledge in a breadth of subdisciplines within Psychology, and thess be able to critically evaluate research results, theories, and opinions within this field.


A few sections of Psychology – Advanced Research Methods will also be offered to Honours Thesis students until Fallat which time both Psyc and Psyc will be retired. Please also consult your Degree Progress Report. Abstracts are available for dissertations from to the present and for masters theses from to the present.

honours thesis yorku

Sam Benchimol benchimo yorku. Students wishing to enrol in BIOL 3. Deadline for submissions bonours usually around mid April. You will need to have an advisor and a thesis topic listed on the registration form. There will be no exceptions. They provide a platform for undergraduate scientists to share their findings, and aim to bring together a community of young psychologists from both the United States and abroad.

This is an annual journal that showcases the best and most original research in psychology conducted by undergraduates from around the world. thesiz