The SLAB report revealed: The Norwegian register of judicial interests is available here: Contact the Diary of Injustice team. This is already being carried out — with potentially concerning results — in some remand, case management and sentencing hearings, which are conducted via video links to police stations and prisons. Judging the Judges reveals details of allegations against judges including alleged racial bigotry, bullying, lying, omitting details from records, conflicts of interest, and even making secret recordings of meetings. This team effort should rightly culminate in what will be a significant gain for the justice system, judiciary and courts — in terms of transparency and accountability, and a gain for this Parliament in creating the legislation to bring about such judicial transparency, and increase public confidence in our courts. The Basics of a Technology-Enhanced Courtroom Alex Heshmaty is a legal copywriter and journalist with a particular interest in legal technology.

The Committee decided to call for further evidence and also to invite the Lord President Lord Gill and others along to speak to MSPs and be questioned on the matter. They also said that throughout the period of detention, there was no reasonable grounds to suspect that Mr Whitehouse had broken the law. A publicly funded adversarial environment full of vested interests: Exclusive Report Exclusive Report: The Law Society Press Release also states: During the creation of the Register of Judicial Recusals in , some plus members of the judiciary — Justices of the Peace — were excluded from the register for no apparent reason. The SLAB report revealed:

In conclusion, I declare my support for the petition and encourage support from all the other MSPs. But the ex-Royal Marine sent the client and a friend into the clutches of twice suspended solicitor John G O’Donnellwho does not have a practicing certificate. Law and disorder reports: SLAB defended the action. It is also kitted out with document displays, so that everyone is able to view the same evidence simultaneously, dispensing with the need to individually sift through paper-based documentation.


This will, in certain cases, entirely dispense with the need for any parties to physically attend a courtroom; instead, a hearing could be conducted using videoconferencing technology. Solicitors may apply for production of their client to the dock if sufficient reason can be given for use of video link is inappropriate. Should solicitors be independently regulated?

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Digital presentations of evidence The government has published guidance for lawyers on using court technology to present evidence on screens in courtrooms. Mind you, I would point out that we, too, swear an oath, but we nonetheless still subscribe to a register. In a speech to the Commonwealth Busineess Conference in Glasgow, Lord Gill went on to joke about protesters being lucky they are not dragged away by Police. A number of members referred to the register of interests of MSPs.

Retaining an independent professional body for the regulation and professional support of the Scottish solicitor profession.

hmcts business plan 2012

Petitioner submission of 4 September I was going to withdraw anyway. Recent communications with the Judicial Office and further media interest in the petition[has prompted the Judicial Office to finally include Justices of the Peace in the Register of Judicial Recusals — with a start date of January A spokesperson for the SCTS initially said: HMCTS is considering using digital ledger technologies blockchain to secure digital evidence and track the audit trail.

HM Courts and Tribunals Service business plan 2011 to 2015

The Committee also agreed to write to the Lord President and the Scottish Government for more detailed responses. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

The appointments came into effect on 11 January under the powers conferred upon the Lord President by paragraph 2 of the Schedule to the Pensions Appeal Tribunals Act Judicial Complaints Reviewer Annual Report The Sunday Herald newspaper says in an editorial Judges should not be above scrutiny.


Currently, hmchs one member of plxn tribunal is required to declare their interests in a published register of interests — despite their position as a judge, deciding on cases before them where they could have a vested interest in the outcome.

The Sunday Businss obtained the report in Petitioner submission of 4 September I would like to draw to the attention of members the appointment of Baroness Hale as President of the UK Supreme Court, which also serves as the most senior court in the UK for appeals from Scotland.

Contact the Diary of Injustice team. That primary legislation provides for the permissible power for the Law Society of Scotland to open up membership to non-solicitors.

hmcts business plan 2012

They said the meetings merely acted as a mechanism for the firm to exploit the legal aid fund. Register of Interests for members of Business judiciaryhas conceded a minor reform to boost transparency.

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If you suspect a solicitor is committing legal aid fraud, or if you feel your own solicitor is making fraudulent legal aid claims, email Diary of Injustice at scottishlawreporters gmail.

Instead they are under a duty to declare any interest where a case comes before them where this is or might be thought to be the case. Whilst some reforms were brought in andthe whole framework can be confusing and, in some cases, contradictory. Members of tribunals are recruited by the Judicial Appointments Board JAB during appointments rounds regularly held to fill vacancies in the murky world of the Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service and Judiciary of Scotland.

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