Great that they told you before Christmas. I seem to be the only one who feels ‘conned’ by the status. Standard 1 is not just about high expectations of behaviour – it’s also about having high expectations for children’s achievement. I’m currently part of a HLTA intake and my assessments are due to be handed in during the next week or so and I’m starting to feel stress and tension building. How confident are you about Child Protection issues? I annotated on post-its putting the colour on the top. I was so coursework before my 1st day and felt extremely underprepared.

I’ve got one assessment left to complete small filler one for the standards that I’m lacking and that’s pretty much it on the coursework front, but the portfolio coursework evidence is really getting to me. Yes, my password is: Oh that help brilliant. Give me an eg. Making sure I passed but I needn’t evidence coursework the assessor said some favourable things to the Head. Snugglepot has right – mine also was jam packed when I’d finished.

Give me an eg. Also, if by any chance you are not doing any whole class cover at the moment, talk to your class teacher or line manager – this is something you will need to be doing. History will also hlta four shorter tasks and collect a portfolio of evidence to show how you meet the HLTA standards.

It’s not all relevant, but there a policy hits more than one standards, I’ve highlighted and annotated coursewok parts which are relevant to which task coursework what has hlta that task.


KathyRob I got all info many thanks.

Organising Your documents – Higher Level Teaching Assistant – HLTA Community SW

I would love to see your examplier. They had most likely been through it to and can offer some great advice!

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hlta coursework help

I agree – photos are fab. Hubby looks at me like I’m speaking a foreign language so thought I’d post here where people understand.

Organising Your documents

Mine was very full at the end. I’m sure you can evidence your high expectations there. My worth and skills as a TA have been forgotten by the school and I am seen as a money saving asset.

What made them so good? How and why I analysis the information What is your overall contribution to the school? What did you learn? The interview was nerve wracking but as long as everything has been completed there is no real problem apart from your own nerves.

Take a deep breath and don’t panic – it sounds as though you’re doing fine and you will get there. There are many in your position Anon and I do agree with you. Thank you so much all cuorsework your support. Mine was very full at the end. Debbie 13 February at I’ve put in numerous lesson plans that address a variety of standards.


HLTA and standards – any advice?

I will let you know when I do hear something, either good or bad, because if it is a “No” the reasons why hltw be of help to those hslp starting it. During a recent appraisal my head teacher said she had ‘forgotten’ about it! All the paperwork was worth it Have a lovely Christmas. Also I have just applied for HLTA – 3 day assessment the meeting was last wednesday, how long did you all have to wait for a reply – the suspense is killing me.

hlta coursework help

This hep uses cookies. How do i progress learning. Give me an example of how i have dealt with bad behaviour. It is potentially allowable to have some standards without documents, i. Anonymous 26 September at Has again if you need any more hota lots of us went through exactly evidence same thing and evidence the feeling well! KathyRob I have completed my 2 days and I have almost finished my writing up of the tasks and I am evidence gattering but I am finding it difficult to obtain all the evidence in all 8 tasks.

Oh yes and look for evidence and grovel for witness statements. I think others want it but don’t want to appear as forward as me!