She tells of her documenting the American south during the Great Depression. And so it is memory that seems to have affected this writer in such a way that she believed it was the foundation for her work. Instead of focusing on chapter three alone, I focus on the entire book. She began to view the world in a more contemporary fashion compared to her fun loving childhood. An emphasis on the awareness of society and appearances.

Like Welty says of photography, I would propose that writing captures the transience of time by portraying those single moments when history unfolds before us in the events of everyday life. How she listened, observed and found her voice as well as the voices of her characters. She then goes on to talk about how memory can reveal cryptic messages in life by connecting past references to scenarios in the present. The characteristics of these people, including her mother, that had a large impact on her life, create the prototypes of characters that continued to appear in her mind when writing multiple stories. Christian Welty works at Lamar Life until he dies of leukemia at the beginning of the Great Depression. For Eudora, memory is a huge asset that has helped her write for throughout her life.

Here’s a snippet from an opening paragraph: She had a good childhood and is happy to be able to look back on it and create stories about so that it becomes more permanent. In this quote Welty points out the importance of independence needed in all writers.

“One Writer’s Beginnings”: Writing the Essay: Memory and Voice: Responding to Welty

Is memory really an essential function of writing? Eudora would say that a writer needs to listen and then see before they find a voice. Parts one and two show the beginnings of a child of high intelligence discovering the world she lives in and a capacity to realize what is happening to her parents and beginjings as she grows into a young woman.


I have read most of them. She was, of course, a genius able to see writesr as they were – not their make believe lives but their real ones. Memory is key to writing because without it how could life possibly have the same meaning? Life events find their own order in their significance as opposed to chronology.

She has recreated this vanished world with the same subtlety and insight that mark her fiction. One of her first jobs was working as a photographer and publicity essay for the Works Progress Administration, an occupation that also required her to be very observant. It was as a central piece of her history and the foundation of her identity as a woman longing to capture the world that passed by quickly from the window of a car or train.

Homely and commonplace sights, sounds, and objects res Now available as an audio CD, in Eudora Welty’s own voice, or as a book. This slim little volume of pages told me all I needed to know about Miss Welty and her world. We learn throughout the book that Eudora learned her most valuable lessons as a child. Welty had used photography as well as writing to capture that which can escape us. It made me nostalgic for times, places and people I’ve never known.

Calloway, the librarian guarded the library with a dragon’s eye.

One Writer’s Beginnings

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. You can see from her description of the tree, the fact that she felt the need to photograph it, its unique beauty struck her deep in her soul.


eudora welty one writers beginnings essay

Through all of this Eudora tries to prove that memory really is an essential function for writing and helps writers by acting as a guideline.

They would begin whistling back A book to put in your treasure chest. Welty later goes on to say, “I was always my own teacher” They were there and then they were gone. Every swallow was making me a part of being here, sealing me in place, with my bare feet planted on the mountain and sprinkled with my rapturous spills.

Also, memory allows us to create our own scenarios, possibly with the help of a past event or happening. The direction my mind took was a writer’s direction from the start, not a photographer’s, or a recorder’s.

In other words, a realization occurred.

eudora welty one writers beginnings essay

The three sections are titled: She takes her experiences and puts them in word form to best portray her life. Final Impressions, December An initial reaction always influences how you interpret something later. I instantly related to the tiny book my grandmother wrote to my father as a young child.

I have a ewlty ambivalent feeling about the South, about places like Mississippi, but Welty illuminates the culture in a truly beautiful way.