And Monsanto, backed by the US Government, is setting out to do this through its genetically manipulated GM seeds and its pesticides and weedicides. Less than 4 per cent of the total improvement in life expectancy since s can be credited to twentieth-century advances in medical care Garrett With the illusion of a quick and permanent fix, the pesticide companies had set us on a cataclysmic course. The results show that the pathogen levels in the land-applied biosolids pose a risk to members of the public and plantation workers via direct exposure for the first 3 months post-application. What then of the bioaerosols that are discharged from such a sickened monoculture? No acute inhalation toxicity studies are available. The field is never left uncultivated or fallow.

In a swarming corporate rush to grab power and profit we have side-stepped genuinely sustainable, green and life-giving productive means of development in favor of that which can only make us sick and sicker. Since we ultimately sprayed pesticides onto the ground, at the very least we should have suspected that: A recent study in four different Oregon plane communities found that total weight of caterpillars was reduced between 90 and 95 percent by B. The following headings are taken from my below-listed WordPress Essay: Multinational biotechnology giants like Monsanto and Syngenta promised farmers that GM crops would bring incredible yields at lower costs, and save the country from poverty. Why should FSC care if its global genetically-modified tree plantations are sprayed with chemicals that turn boys into girls?

Just last year [] the CDC reported a rate of 1 in 88, esswy represented a 23 percent increase sinceand 78 percent since There exists in this world powerful forces pushing us toward the full expression of a background totalitarian scheme embracing all life-forms.

Essay on weedicides.

In the Preface, Johnathan Mann of the Harvard School of Public Health discusses how our time in history will be tracked by newly emerging epidemics, such as the human immunodeficiency virus. Glyphosate, the most widely used herbicide, is destroying human and animal health as a result of disruption of gut bacteria.

Unfortunately, as unsustainable farming and gardening weedicides continue our soil is stripped of its health and we depend on amendments even greater. I have to ask: That suggests that the FSC is not serious about external input, or the May document would be a Draft. Among the issues are the possible spread of allergens, the invitation which herbicide tolerant crops give to over-use of herbicides, possible adverse effects of new toxins such as the Bt endotoxin on some people, and the emergence of antibiotic resistance which may be fostered by the use of antibiotic resistance genes in almost all transgenic crops Sierra Club If this migrating water or moisture passes through any chemicals it will be carried up in to the home to be evaporated into the air Source: Destroys our critical soil resource and most valuable material heritage by wrecking soil composition glyphosate is toxic to earthworms, mycorrhizal fungi, nitrogen-fixing bacteria, micro-organisms, and arthropods [ibid.


We conclude that phosphate application can cause system pH change with various extents in oh soil, which subsequently contribute to glyphosate mobility in different degree Zhao, et.

This potential exposure results in a human health risk becoming present. Blue-dyed carrots soaked in poison are laid on private plantations to kill native grazing animals that pose a threat to tree seedlings. Establishment of plantations of pines that produce Bt pollen could potentially lead to widespread outbreaks of sickness…. Imagine the overlapping devastation. Sulfometuron has long soil residual activity and may move off-site in wind-blown soils UC Davis Weed Research and Information Center FSC certifies forests not human beings.

Why do some plants grow better than others?

Essay on weedicides

To my untrained medical mind this speaks of a strictly toxic rather than particulate air pollution issue. There is no current evidence that the condition is reversible, and MCS appears to represent a form of subtle toxic brain damage with the potential for lifelong disability.

essay on weedicides

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And Monsanto, backed by the US Government, is setting out to do this through its wedeicides manipulated GM seeds and its pesticides and weedicides. Pesticides, nuclear power technologies, growth hormones in intensive animal production, and Genetic Engineering to name just a few of the monsters we make.


weddicides Continuing with the GMO escape theme and ignoring pesticide toxicities for a moment. Recent chemical testing by EPA confirms Simazine banned for use in Agriculture in the EU is still flowing off the plantation and through our property albeit [in] low levels ibid. The Australian weedicided has banned the use of these products near water… Sub-lethal doses of glyphosate from spray-drift damages wildflower communities and can affect some species up to 20 metres away from the sprayer… The use of glyphosate in arable areas causes dieback in hedgerow trees… Glyphosate residues were found in lettuce, carrot and barley when they were planted a year after glyphosate was applied… In the UK, levels of glyphosate above the EU limit have been detected by the Welsh Water Company every year since Just as a weedocides example of how impossible it is to put controls on GE and have any confidence in human ingenuity, note this information:.

A seed drill Seed drill: Note that Roundup and other herbicides also kill off desirable microbial populations while perversely enhancing the weedicjdes of pathogenic microbial populations in soil.

A Vision and a Strategy Washington, D. Similar increases have been seen globally. Metalaxyl was also detected in low concentrations at the two least pristine potato farming control sites. Our data indicate that consecutive cultivation by genetically modified cottons with Bt and CpT I genes can result weedcides persistence of Cry1Ac and CpT I proteins and negatively affect soil microbial and biochemical properties Chen, et.

The applications were made over wet soil…. Note GMO Accident

essay on weedicides