I find that whenever I visit Kanpur, my hometown, I am able to think more clearly and penetrate to the heart of any matter,…. The tribals were left jobless after the ban of snake trading. Previous article India Art Festival begins. Archived from the original on 13 February Although born in the United States in , Rom Whitaker grew up in India where he nurtured his passion for reptiles exploring the wild as a student in a boarding school up in the mountains in south India. Whitley Fund for Nature. More media exposure to the facts about reptiles, their usefulness to us in controlling rodents and cleaning the waterways in the case of crocs and controlling harmful insects in the case of lizards, will certainly help their plight.

All of this keeps Rom and his dynamic team very, very busy. Janaki Lenin’s Facebook Notes. Perhaps most interesting of all is the fact that once you have studied and been close to reptiles long enough, you realize that they too are complex beings with individual personalities, some nice and some not so nice. This will involve further research on the species and its ecology and socio-economic evaluation of dependent riparian communities. Janaki Lenin January, Rom and his sister Gail born grew up in New York City.

Is there anything you would like to do in the future? He studied briefly at Wyoming University.

In other projects Wikispecies. For his work in wildlife conservation, he in the Padma Shri award in These have certainly created awareness and now in most major cities, instead of reaching for a stick when a snake is seen, people reach for the phone and call the local snake rescuer to come and take the snake away to a safe place away from people.

Tiger, gharial have slim future, says Romulus Whitaker

Then Rom set up Madras Crocodile Bank, a gene pool for all the world’s crocodilians and now India’s premier research centre for herpetology. Well, I know people are not going to start hugging reptiles overnight, but I do feel we are making headway by writing, making films and bringing people to the Madras Crocodile Bank and teaching them about the wonders of the reptile world. Two sons, Nikhil and Samir were born from this first marriage.


Is there any incident that stands out in your mind which left you completely speechless? Retrieved 29 January And to everyone’s amazement he swore in Tamil, the local language!

Tiger, gharial have slim future, says Romulus Whitaker | Hill Post

Rom was Asia’s reptile man: There is NO treatment for venomous snakebite other than anti-venom serum! I needed no more encouragement and quickly released the king cobra’s tail and rolled out of the way. He travelled to the United States to sell more film ideas and in the corridors of National Geographic Television met Carol and Richard Foster who were keen on returning to India where Wihtaker Foster was brought up. It’s kind of hard to say which experiences stand out as being exciting and memorable, in my kind of life excitement is never far away.

Venomous snakes have their tremendous killing power yet they whitaer timid and shy and want nothing more than to stay clear of horribly dangerous human beings. At home here in Chengalpattu we had to deal with a Russells viper that seems to like our garden and next week I’m likely to be in Agumbe radio-tracking king cobras: As the fruit season….

She-India All rights reserved. For the New Zealand herpetologist, see Anthony Whitaker.

Rom Whitaker: World of Reptiles by Fatima Chowdhury

Out in the World Rom returned to the United States to do his degree in A short career in the Merchant Navy brought him back to India. And that’s where Rom wanted to go.


We only have to localise that system. Having featured in documentaries, what is his take on the animal handlers shown on wildlife channels?

essay on romulus whitaker

Wildlife film-making, Herpetology, Rolex Award. Somewhere in between the two activities, he attended classes.

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The park was conceived to rehabilitate the Irula tribe who are known for their expertise in catching snakes. It was at this point that Rom discovered the Andaman whitakrr Nicobar Islands.

essay on romulus whitaker

And while that is good wwhitaker fisheries and national reservoirs, people would not like the idea of large crocodiles in their midst. He teamed up with old school friends, Louise and John Riber and film maker Shekar Dattatri to make a series of movies on snakes, snakebite, tree planting, rainforests and the Irula Cooperative essayy had helped set up.

We can take inspiration from Australia where a whole system is in place to reduce encounters between humans and saltwater crocodiles. ANET did everything – coral reef surveys, botanical surveys, mammalian rokulus, island ecology studies, besides sea turtle and crocodile surveys.

After the birth of his sister Nina, his mother Doris Norden and his stepfather, Rama Chattopadhyaya moved the family to India when Rom was seven. Reload Please fill the above code for verification.

essay on romulus whitaker