This insight is so important in Aboriginal affairs, in fact in all areas of policy that are not to do with the dominant culture. So many people gave so much of themselves to help make sure I understood what needed to be said. Credit for the success of these arrangements goes to my Department—especially Kerrie Tim and her team, and my personal staff. Of course, no one was saying they were. He said there came a time in history when people had to reconcile the past with their future.

The emotion was high. The opening of Parliament is steeped in centuries of history, arcane rituals and conventions. You are commenting using your WordPress. Rudd understood the political wedge that Howard was pursuing to divide voters—between those who wanted an apology and those who were worried it might lead to compensation claims. I did not want to delay. Better off without the loving arms of mothers and fathers. Some people initially suggested to me that the event be on 26 May—Sorry Day, and the anniversary of the Bringing Them Home report.

Kevin Rudd’s national apology to Stolen Generations

Everyone knew how important it was to secure broad support—bipartisan support if possible—as it was understood kevvin much more powerful the Apology would be if it came from the whole Parliament.

Linda has been a great guide and help to me as a friend and colleague in the Labor Party.

Mr Rudd pledged action as well as words, calling for the equivalent a war cabinet to tackled indigenous issues. Crowds of people across Australia watched the Apology on big screens in their own cities and towns.

Apology to Australia’s Indigenous peoples

Of course, it was anything but. This made it very slippery for the dancers and big black xpology had to be found to cover the marble. We couldn’t wait,” she told SBS News. The amendment did not get any traction on the day. In Queensland untilthe Director of Native Welfare was the legal guardian of all Aboriginal children—whether their parents were living or not.


essay on kevin rudds apology speech

The night before the Apology, Senator Bob Brown, the then leader of the Greens, gave notice that he would seek to amend the Apology Motion to include a commitment to offering just compensation.

By contrast, State and Territory Parliaments were quick to act. The use of phonetics through prosodic features such as emphatic stress, has enabled the author to identify the foremost important issues in his speech which were the apologies and the changes for the future. He travels the globe, and he is mindful of how Australia is esssay internationally and how race issues are crucial in shaping foreign opinions. In an acknowledgement of protocol, the President of the Senate started proceedings.

The next day I announced that the Apology would be on 13 February and would be the first item of rudfs for the new Parliament. Some shared a joke and a laugh. As so many said to me, it was so important that the Apology was given and accepted.

It was a privilege to be told these stories. We had decided to include an apology for damage done by laws and policies of successive esday, as well as the Apology to the Stolen Apolog. Some were very old. Issue 1, [Publication or resource] Reconciliation action plans and universities [Presentation] Sorry Books [Gallery].

We organised a keivn between Northern Territory Indigenous leaders and Kevin Rudd for the middle of December, just three weeks after the election. The formal opening of the Parliament by the Governor General takes place the day before the business of the Parliament starts.


Many Aboriginal people used the day to talk about how they had benefited from the public groundswell of support and compassion for the Stolen Generations.

Labor leaders had ruvds an apology before.

essay on kevin rudds apology speech

The coolamon was made by Balgo artist Bai Bai Napangardi, and following the ceremony, it was given to the Speaker of the House of Representatives as a gift to the Parliament. That night, on the lawns at the front of Parliament House, GetUp! This insight is so important in Aboriginal affairs, in fact in all areas of policy that are not to do with the dominant culture.

Many had also been reunited with their families with the help of the Link-Up program. By acknowledging and paying respect, those who have suffered can move forward, to heal and ultimately to belong.

essay on kevin rudds apology speech

One of the priorities that the Healing Foundation decided on was child protection. Kevin had grown up as a Catholic and then chose to practice as an Anglican as an adult. She supported the general position that compensation was the responsibility of the States or the institutions that had perpetrated abuse.

Following the Apology, Aunty Lorraine Peeters, Aboriginal elder and a member of the Stolen Generations, presented a glass coolamon to the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition, with a message that said: Ms Peeter’s was just four years old when she was taken from her family and placed in an institution. He offended people by talking about violence and abuse.