Di sana ia banyak menulis kolom tentang agenda-agenda politik di Indonesia. Thanks for telling us about the problem. This suggests an efficiency in translating the sense component in the source text. In addition, there is an example of efficiency in the form of intra-system shift employed by the translator observed. In this text type, the author uses the aesthetic dimension of language. And so, at the dark of a temple at midnight, command me to sing before you, my Lord:

Joe Sandriano rated it really liked it Mar 23, Primary examples of this text type include radio and television scripts, such as radio newscasts and reports, topical surveys and dramatic productions Reiss, The translation shifts occurring in the English translation of Poem No. Nanbj rated it it was amazing Jul 07, An Advanced Resource Book. Hardcover , pages. It is in line with the strategies of translating metaphors proposed by Newmark

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In addition, there is an example of efficiency in the form of intra-system shift employed by the translator observed. Books by Goenawan Mohamad.

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However, in the target text, a consonance by repeated consonant sounds [m] in the words temple, midnight, command me, and my master is employed as the musical device. Arus yang di masuki 41 tahun, halaman, tulisan, seorang penulis. Nonetheless, the interesting part of this stanza is that the translator utilizes different translation for junjunganku which can be seen in the following datum.

Informative text type As a plain communication of facts, this content-focused text describes information, knowledge, and opinions, such as reports, educational texts, and inventories. Menulis, menghasilkan sebuah prosa atau puisi yang terbaik dari diri kita, adalah proses yang minta goenxwan batin.

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Goenawan Mohamad, who is usually referred to esszy his initials GM, is a living legend in the fields of literature and journalism in Indonesia. The source text is taken from a poetry collection written by Goenawan Mohamad entitled Tuhan dan Hal-Hal yang Tak Selesai consisting of 99 poems in which the researcher focuses on Poem No.


Besides, maintaining the function of eessay original text is a challenge for each translator as each text embodies its own distinctive function.

essay goenawan mohamad

Song does not shoulder each intention, least of all its own. Based on the linguistic forms and stylistic features employed by the author, this poem is originally written in poetic essay sssay.

Besides poetry and essays, GM also writes plays, which allow the possibility for the emergence of tension and other unexpected things.

essay goenawan mohamad

Esai-esai pendek Goenawan, seolah mampu membawa ku terbang. Furthermore, the other difference is the indentation of the word Tagore. If esway target text is meant to be an expressive text, the translator should attempt to produce an analogous stylistic effect.

In addition, the the repeated final vowel [a] in Tak ada berhala, tak ada negosiasi dengan makna is translated to There are no idols, no negotiations with meaning which eesay not have internal rhyme or repeated final sounds.

Ketika Majalah Sesay kembali terbit setelah Pak Harto diturunkan padaberbagai perubahan dilakukan seperti perubahan jumlah halaman namun tetap mempertahankan mutunya. Dengan menggunakan berbagai pergeseran terjemahan dan terjemahan metafora untuk membuat teks target lebih alami, mempertahankan aspek yang relevan dari konten semantik, dan mengambil sudut pandang penulis dalam menerjemahkan puisi, terjemahan bahasa Inggris dari Puisi No.

Kata, Waktu: Esai-esai Goenawan Mohamad, 1960-2001

There are many highly expressive components in this datum, but the word merely in the last sentence of the target text has a totally expressive function. Essah this text type, the author uses the aesthetic dimension of language.


It includes literary prose essays, biographies, belles-lettresimaginative prose anecdotes, short stories, novellas, romancesand poetry in all its forms, from the didactic to balladry to the purely sentimental Reiss, In the target text, several pairs of half-rhyme are observed in There are noidols, no negotiations. PadaGoenawan bersama rekan-rekannya mendirikan Majalah Mingguan Tempo, sebuah majalah yang mengusung karakter jurnalisme majalah Time.

Tanpa lelah, ia memperjuangkan kebebasan berbicara dan berpikir melalui berbagai tulisan dan organisasi yang didirikan-nya. Setelah terbit beberapa tahun, Koran Tempo menuai masalah. Si penyair mungkin tak akan tahu apakah yang ditulisnya nanti jelek, tapi nanti ia akan tahu apakah yang ditulisnya palsu. Green rated it it was amazing May 03, Thus, this indicates a class shift is applied by the translator. Amaz rated it really liked it Oct 08, No trivia or quizzes yet.

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August Product Type: It is in line with the strategies of translating metaphors proposed by Newmark In datum 2, the word nyanyi in the source text is a verb. Help Center Find new research papers in: Monamad, this strategy does not change the sense and meaning of the expression in the source text.

Furthermore, the target text should transmit the aesthetic and artistic form of the source text, in addition ensuring the accuracy of information.