Not taking a quiet stance, coming in loudly 1. Work with others f. They know that with every decision there will be a public reaction, whether it is good or bad. These images make the product what it is. They have started a revolution to fix this major problem, but there is still a long way to go. They did an awesome job promoting the campaign. In our opinion, the issue was defined correctly.

Summary of what Dove wants from each key public and what each key public wants from Dove. Although it is difficult to know the exact information about how the Campaign for Real Beauty has been evaluated because it is ongoing, it is safe to say that it has been a successful campaign. So that was a success factor. Summary of any evaluative activities and their purposes i. Recommendations regarding choice of tactics i.

However, the harshness of confronting the media needed to be done to appropriately convey the messages.

doves campaign for real beauty case study analysis

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They hired StrategyOne, a research firm along with Dr. A male audience may not be able to decode the messages that the brand, in this case Studu, has encoded simply because the male audience does not share the same linguistics as the brand. Work with others f.

Case Study: Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty

Objectives were to sell more of their skin firming moisturizer, to promote debate about the stereotypical image of beauty and to redefine what beauty is. More social media presence 1. Recommendations regarding research i. Sales of the products features in the ads increased percent in the first two months of the campaign.


After a large amount of research, Dove was able to identify the view of beauty as a serious problem. This is a two percent increase campaogn the initial study conducted in This was the best possible way for Dove to communicate its ideas because it reached an audience that would have ignored it otherwise.

After extensive research, Dove partnered with Ogilvy and Mather, an advertising firm, to develop a plan of action for their campaign. The value placed on research was higher than any other aspect of their plan.

Calaméo – Case Study of The Dove for Real Beauty Campaign

Susie Orback from London School of Economics 3. And when she sees the Dove container she makes an association to the advertisement and its signs. After extensive research, Dove developed a plan to create awareness for their brand as well as boost self-confidence of women around the rael. Women can view the Dove Real Beauty Sketches film at dove.

Calaméo – Dove Campaign for Real Beauty Case Study

Either unconsciously or consciously Dove’s ads refer to other cosmetic ads “connecting the text to other texts” Kristeva by parodying them. Dove is available nationwide in food, drug and mass outlet stores. Research estimates that inapproximately 1 million young girls had been reached from the online rral.

Opinion Leader involvement i. Lay out aspirations e. Dove has a more focused mission and set of goals 1. Dove was producing meaningful content through storytelling and hard Dove could have used popular actors, singers and other public figures as spokespeople. Dove hired researchers to review analtsis research and writing done on the topic of beauty, appearance and self-worth ii.


doves campaign for real beauty case study analysis

Dove has accounts on Facebook and Twitter. Dove is trying to persuade their audience to buy things they wouldn’t normally need by “creating desires that previously did not exist” Dyer They know that with every decision there will be a public reaction, whether it is good or bad.

Dove as we all know is well known for their famous campaugn.

doves campaign for real beauty case study analysis

Jacqueline Waugh – Does advertising shape or reflect popular culture. I have chosen Dove as my brand and their confidence booster campaigns, the advertisements for the products Dove Firming and Dove Ultimate.

Also creating a need in the consumer’s mind to get rid of the problem and pointing to the solution, in this case being Dove Firming. When European countries began to ban underweight models, Dove used this as an opportunity to rral attention to itself and jump-start its campaign.