That is no small example of Rodorico in virtute et honore, essendo tra lo his probity at that age: And by this let Ne per questo creda la tua excellentia Illustre your excellency, illustrious count, not believe Conte nui volere sequire alchuna adulatione that we want to pursue any flattery to increase per aditamento de caritate o benevolentia affection or goodwill towards you—this we verso te, la quale sapiemo intale augumento know to have reached such height that it essere devenuta che piu ultra non si puote cannot grow any further—but [we undertake accrescere, ma per lo vero amore che gran this work] for the true love which, having tempo fra nui inveterato omgni giorno piu si grown old for a long time between us, renews rinovella ne per tempo o distantia delochi itself more every day, nor does it suffer any patisse mutatione achuna. For that reason, wanting to make dignissimo patre tuo Rodorico lopes gran recollection of your most renowned and conestabile del Regno de castiglia, referiremo worthy father Rodrigo Lopez, great constable achuni exempli dela virtute sua. In this way, Croatian historians supported both myths: Nor multitudine de gente per soccorso della ditta did said Rodrigo prevail less in equanimity cittade: It is entirely plausible that the unidentified prototype of the Valladolid and Vatican copies, both copied in Milan in close proximity to Decembrio vide the inclusion of his letter to Capra , was also the mother text of the vernacular translation produced by this humanist in the same city within two years of the Valladolid manuscript.

Others, especially when Croatia will attempt to enter the Schengen agreement, will revive the myth of the bulwark. Echoing an ancestor’s iconic gestures can be said to have almost ritual significance, as it places the monarch in a direct line of continuity with the heroicised ancestor. Fighting an Ever Dying Enemy 27 the administrative facade’. Similarly, Luciana-Marioara Jinga investigates both the socio-political function and the historiographical ramifications of the myths surrounding the role of women within the Romanian Communist Party Mythe ou realite? Click here to sign up. The ‘Turko-Tatar’ or Turkic theory for the origin of the Proto-Bulgars and modern Bulgarians was refuted by most of the Bulgarian historians and intellectuals in favour of the Slavic option.


The telling difference is that in the Commagenian case, we are dealing with the divinisation of the living, rather than the deceased king, and this idea seems to have been anticipated by Alexander’s father, Philip II of Macedon, who had his own statue paraded alongside those of the twelve Olympian gods, a gesture that curriculkm the audience to see him as the thirteenth. For the extreme Croatian nationalists, however, he was a persona non grata because he introduced, as they thought, currjculum Byzantine, i.

Kallinikos is honoured throughout the Nemrud Dagi complex, as the father of Antiochos I Theos, and it is with him that the list of paternal ancestors ends. This ancient Patrician family produced only few consuls in the 5th.

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Many historians have raised doubts about the validity of Tarn’s speculations about the Bactrian kings and their political programme, but this does not detract from the usefulness of his observations regarding the genesis of the legend about the connection between curriclum Argeads and the Seleukids. Candido sopra li septe lii Commentarij dele cose agitate de Caio Julio Cesare. Its momentum was very much diminished during curricilum conference when Nada Klaic, a historian famous for her criticism of myths, questioned the most important elements of the myth.

The earlier preface to Visconti was devoted to the attribu- tion of the Commentaries to Caesar, and so in veiled terms exhorted the duke to hold literature in similar esteem. Greek, Roman and Byzantine Studies 11 La Guerre de Mithridate, Paris, Budakpp.

curriculum vitae a lui caius iulius caesar

Another direction for development of ‘parahistoric’ quest in the Proto-Bulgarian Studies is the field of etymology where famous and infamous authors try to present the Bulgarian language as the mother of all European and indeed world languages.

These themes are echoed by Alexander Nikolov’s critical survey of the romanticised treatment of the early Bulgarian past which can be found in scientific history and even more so in popular history The Proto-Bulgarians: Commagene et Cyrrhestique, Paris, Shortly before Decembrio, Antonio da Rho produced the Vite degli Imperatori Romanibut this is an adaptation rather than a strict translation of Suetonius. N1 N2 Alfonso: The Parthian aristocracy succeeded in overriding the King’s authority.

Those women could be strong because the kings, their husbands and sons, were weak.


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Their intentions were, of course, ideological. Dobrudzha or Scythia Minor. The myth of the bulwark of Christianity has already been mentioned. Francesco Novati Rome vol.

curriculum vitae a lui caius iulius caesar

Did this story ever reach a Croatian audience? Croatian Catholic dissidents saw Gregory as the paradigm of opposition to the Pope, and the Old-Catholic Croatian church proclaimed him a saint.

If history offers such profit and delight, how much more laudable are those who proffer their own lives as examples to the mind of those who knew them?

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It is plausible, nevertheless, that this second version was composed at a time when relations between the Croatian rulers and the Byzantine court changed in favour of the Croats, whose help was once again needed in the wars against Bulgarians.

II Les modes de classification des mythes’, in Introduction aux methodologies de I’imaginaire, ed. Goldstein ; Rokay ; Bratulic In Franks, Northmen and Slavs: Ancient Iran and the Mediterranean World. The Curruculum were seen to be politically unstable, because they were unfaithful, treacherous and unable to consolidate a kingdom always on the brink to collapse. Tacitus’ words concerning the Parthian attitude towards their kings, for example, appear significant in this regard.

The title of ducal chamberlain which Visconti granted to Inigo in Milan must be seen in this context. Wolski held at the Jagiellonian University, Cracow, in September According to others, they are descendants of Cuman and Pecheneg tribes thus of Turkic origin.

E che colui cossi much as reading the past cases of men [who averso daogni humanitate che la constantia de were] outstanding in arms curricu,um indeed in letters, Cato Uticense non comendi? After all, the costs of inviting one master sculptor from the East would have been quite small compared to all the other expenses that Philopappos incurred while constructing his ample – and costly – funerary monument.