Our goal is to understand how comparisons may be made in data sets from similar contexts at two points in time yet may offer very dif- ferent conclusions when we explore who comprises racial groups at those different points in time. The Office of Institutional Research and Assessment at CSU, Fresno, provided the data, explaining that for the year one reading was done to produce essay scores. This allows us to compare the data between racial formations existing in and , showing how for- mations and their writing competencies may change over time. Thus, it would appear that the EPT Essay test portion continues to produce expected results for all students. It may not be repeated. Additionally, the EPT total scores, which is a totaling and averaging of three separate scores i.

Building , Room Directions. When you come to take your test, there will be a place on your answer sheet where you will be asked to indicate which CSU campuses you want the scores to be sent to. What happened to this racial formation at CSUF in ? A program development handbook for the holistic assessment of writing. The average White student is right at the border of remediation a score of or below for CSU, Fresno. The technology of writing assessment and racial validity. The end of white America.

The same phenomenon occurred in their mean EPT total scores ETS is the company that publishes and scores the tests. Wayne State University Press. Because the Asian Pacific Islanders mean essay score was 3.

The findings, White and Thomas concluded, cast doubt on the validity of the Pompts as an indicator of writing ability. It may not be repeated.

csu ept essay prompts

BuildingRoom Directions. The test is not a condition for admission to the CSU, but it is a condition of enrollment. The end of white America. They can csh for them to be given at a high school or college in your area.


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Mapping race, class and gender—a synthesis of research evidence Report HMI Racial minorities and writing skills assessment in the California State University and Colleges. Racial Formations in Two Writing Assessments The change in mean scores and score distributions for Asian Pacific Islanders in could be due to the change in Asian Pacific Islander demo- graphics—that is, the Hmong students now one to two generations removed from their initial immigration attending CSUF with language markers in their writing that essay scorers do not find acceptable.

csu ept essay prompts

American Promots on Education and Praeger. The CSU English Placement Test EPT is designed to assess the level of reading and writing skills of entering undergraduate students so that they can be placed in appropriate courses. However, finding test bias on the EPT is not our goal, nor our point.

csu ept essay prompts

The bias of a test, like the EPT, is not just a matter of finding tradi- tionally defined test bias. It should be noted that ineach student received two scores for the same essay, which were then added together.

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As the data began to accumulate from the first year of the EPT [AY ], I realized that we had a unique opportunity to merge three different databases: Race, representation, and writing assessment: Doctoral dissertation, University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Not only do both sets of students Fall and Fall tend to pro- duce similar scores on the scale, but also the average score is generally dis- persed about the same relative distance from the mean.

Additionally, any student who has essay a transferable writing course from another school with a C grade or better may be exempt from taking the EPT. The Office of Institutional Research and Assessment at CSU, Fresno, provided the fpt, explaining that for the year one reading was done to produce essay scores. This model of prompst assessment episode accounts for what Bob Broad has pointed out, that teachers often value characteristics in writing or translate criteria in various ways, often not exactly as expected, even when they express similar values about what good writing looks like.


Racial Methodologies for Composition Studies: In Chapter 17 Peter Elbow argues that fairness is a matter of degree and that multidimensional assessment or contextualized assessment can be more fair than assessments in which a single ccsu is assigned as though that score represents some objective reality. Bias can also be measured through the conse- quences of assessments. We could question if time and changes in disciplinary assumptions and classroom practices would affect the way teachers read rubrics in order to rate EPT essays in Johns Hopkins University Press.

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At this point, we consider these two theoretical positions incom- mensurable. College Composition and Communication, 55 4 They write that before the institution of a writing placement test inJuilliard placed students into writing classes by a review of their aca- esday records, a process that resulted in the following composition of basic writing students: This turns the EPT into esswy de facto entrance exam, clearly a purpose that the test was not originally designed for.

Teachers are brought together, their scoring normed, and the essays read and scored. In Fallstudents only received 1 score, making any score range from 1 to 6.

Racial identifications in the United States for various groups may legally change over time e.