Self-efficacy as a motivational factor, leading to increased academic performance and reducing stress. Professional Judgment and the Disposition toward Critical Thinking. California California State University; Critical thinking is reasonable, orderly, purposeful, effective, and logical and based on the outcome that studies and analyzes all available information and opinions via a scientific method They concluded that CT skills predict academic success, moderately, throughout the preclinical years of medical education Allyn and Bacon;

Nowadays, the ability to find the best solutions, adaptation with new situations and making novel decisions are important for medical and dental students who will play an important role in the future medical and health care. Disposition towards critical thinking: The CT ability of third year students who are going to start the clinical stage was only Also, it may help them to take into account the CT and its domains in their teaching process and thereby prepare their students to position for career success. Demographic characteristics of the students are shown in Table 1. This type of attitude assists students to deal with social, scientific and practical problems influentially. In agreement with Leaver-Dunn et al.

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Moreover, the teachers should use thinoing teaching methods in the curriculum in order to increase happiness in the students. Rytas questionnaire of critical thinking International Journal of Special Education.

critical thinking skills of students in bushehr university of medical sciences

In accordance to the importance of critical thinking and happiness in students, the present research was conducted to study the relationship between critical thinking and happiness with educational achievement among the students of Ghaen universities. Persian site map – English site map – Created in 0. The results of the correlation coefficient of Pearson presented that there is a significant positive relationship between the variables of critical thinking and happiness.


critical thinking skills of students in bushehr university of medical sciences

University Press of America; Others believe that critical thinking occurs based on special skills such as the ability to assess and measure reasons sensibly Educ Strategy Med Sci11 2: Reviewing the factors of progress crirical developed countries demonstrated that they have a capable, effective and efficient educational system 1.

Results indicated significant difference between the years of education for total CT score and furthermore, a good correlation was found between total CT score and the student’s number of passed credits. Myers and his colleagues declared that the people with higher critical thinking ability, can conclude more reasonably and are happier The trend of hookah use among adolescents and youth: A Step towards Developing Critical Thinking.

Second-year medical students’ motivational beliefs, emotions, and achievement.

critical thinking skills of students in bushehr university of medical sciences

Journal of medical education development7 Suliman WA, Halabi J. Frequency distribution of personal characteristics of the sample Variable Dimension Frequency Percentage Gender male Due to this reason, the experts believe that happiness should become the main purpose of education.

It is expected that the individuals develop and improve from different perspectives, including cognitive aspects, gaining skills and capabilities, and personal, emotional and behavioral dimensions bushrhr. Conclusion Medical and dental educators and nonclinical instructors must try to develop the ability of CT, especially inference and deduction domains, in their students. L, Martin M, Wyatt T. Since critical thinking has become highly important in the education process, it is essential to define a fundamental and a common understanding of different definitions of the critical thinking 7.


A great number of definitions have been suggested for critical thinking CT from educational, philosophical, and psychological view 1. Issue 4 Issue 3 Issue 2 Issue 1.

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