Use questions from with caution. Essays from Period 1 to Period 6. Not much of a format, although it’s nice to have a thesis and to discuss the comparisons and contrasts. Green Revolution — LEQ 3: For example, if your topic asks you to consider the development of manufacturing in the United States after WWII, start by writing down what you know about industries during that time period. Writing lots of CCOT essays ahead of time is a sure-fire way to improve your skills.

Sign In Create an account. As a rule of thumb, try to include specific examples in each paragraph. Often, you can begin the essay with your thesis statement right off the bat. Keep an eye on your time. Religious and state responses to wealth — LEQ: Your essay should clearly state what changed about the topic.

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View Period 3 Study Guide. Finally, the essay could close with a paragraph on what stayed the same. This will provide you with important basic information you will need to write your CCOT essay, such as the date range and area s of the world that your essay 2101 take into consideration. For instance, at some point in your essay, you might note that changes in manufacturing in the United States led to an increasing rise in essqy home goods manufactured in China.


As a rule of thumb, try to include specific examples in each paragraph. Green Revolution — DBQ: Include evidence in each paragraph.

ccot essay ap world history 2011

Writing one is a piece of cake if you practice, organize your thoughts before you start writing, and keep the basic requirements of this essay type in mind as you work. Build your essay around these concrete details. Adaptations to the environment — SAQ 1: This shows your teacher or the exam reader that you know how to analyze a historical situation, not just describe it.

Help answer questions Learn more. Analyze the process of change and explain the cause.

Past COT Essay Questions:

Your essay should clearly state what changed about the topic. Compare effects of Mongol rule — DBQ: All 10, years of world history broken down by bulleted key concepts. Thesis, contextualization, use documents for two body paragraphs, outside info.

Organize and analyze all information you include, making sure it is relevant. Warnings Avoid cursive, especially if your handwriting is messy, as it may be harder for 211 AP essay readers. Go ahead and start thinking about this as you plan your essay.

Create a timeline of events to sort out your historical information in order and help identify the turning point. Spread of religions — LEQ: This article helped me understand wor,d im doing in at least one section of the test.


ccot essay ap world history 2011

Effects of railroads on empire-building — SAQ 3: Write your thesis statement. Compare rise of empires — LEQ: Mass violence by totalitarian states — SAQ 4: AP exams are here.

Basically, it asks you to think about how a particular subject has developed or altered over time, as well as to consider what about it has stayed the same.

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It’s super helpful as a freshman taking an AP course. Compare use of religion to govern — LEQ: For example, you might have a eessay paragraph that establishes your thesis and the conditions at the start of the time period.

Adaptations to the environment. You cannot earn points in the Expanded Core unless your essay already covers all aspects of the Basic Core. Your email address will not be published. Compare trade networks — LEQ: