Of course, there should be activity. This new system will make them lazy and make them complacent with their mediocre academic performance because they will always have in mind they they are sure to get promotion even if they fail to fulfil the average norms in academic activities. Teachers need to decide the projects which are beneficial and then to allot the work in groups. The regular monitoring of the student will eventually help in the proper grooming of the student and will help him realize his strengths and weaknesses in multiple fields. Here is the flip side of the CCE pattern:. So, in a way this is a way of reducing excessive pressure, but a lot of students and teachers believe that it is adding more stress. Students are under stress due to the range of competition.

How has it affected students’ life? It help to build teacher – student coordination. I recommend further research into the curriculum, execution and consequences before the CCE Education System is executed in India. The dead giveaway that tells you when Amazon has a better price. Even teachers share this mentality, and most of the activities have simply become formalities, including class response and field trips.

It’s been known for quite a long time, if the students collaborate and work for the benefit of the common goal of education, instead of individual competition, it’s bound to get better results. Of are under stress due to the range of competition. But the number of projects take away our pattern time.

CCE pattern — A boon or a bane. Kapil Sibal says he would like to replace the current system with a child-centric one. Last but not the Least, Grading System has helped the Average Students a lot, Especially like me who used to ccw in every last week of march when the results came, now there is paattern Intellegent student and no Bogus students!


If you’ve looked at economic theory the modern one, not Smith’sa system works best, for the most collective gain, when each and every single element of the system works collaboratively such that the whole set is benefittedinstead of the benefit of a single element, where each and every element is supposed to be aware of the strategies of other elements.

cce pattern boon or bane essay

We cannot concentrate on our studies Quora UserCogito Ergo Sum. Is cce a bane or a boon?

With grades replacing marks in our report cards, the scope of competition lessens the burden on every shoulder. According to the CCE pattern followed by CBSE, 60 per cent of the assessment was based on pen and paper examinations, while 40 per cent of the student assessment was carried out by teachers in a continuous evaluation process throughout the year.

It is the grooming in patternn and colleges, the education system and mostly the social values that are responsible for a student’s personality. If these projects are given, many students do even copy the projects of other friends. No Doubt that the competetion has decreased but according to me Competetion never brought any Good!!

Have booon tried this Amazon trick?

cce pattern boon or bane essay

The recent implementation in Indian education system aims at making education in India a wide range of possibilities. Neeraj Class 10th S. Where will that take them? Here is the flip side of the CCE pattern:.

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Animals deserve rights, and these rights. A lot of people, including the students and teachers believe that the CCE pattern introduced by CBSE has a lot of disadvantages instead of the positive points.


This system would help in identifying talent, proficiency in sports, music, theatre or fine arts. However, I will try to cover the points in simple terms and step by step.

CCE boon or ban Essay

It is degrading the very quality of student that CCE aspires to achieve. There are two different types of tests: How is it affecting students’ life? I recommend further research into the curriculum, execution and consequences before the CCE Education System is executed in India. How has it affected students’ life? The idea behind it is that the student is given a broad topic, then finds out more about it on their own – without teachers.

In some cases, it was a bit higher than the ratings for the actual books. Eric from Graduateway Hi there, would you like to get an essay? Else, the practise of mug one day, give test the next day and forget on day three will start creeping in among students. It’s just bad implementation that spoiled it. Cce Boon or Bane. Account Convertibility A Boon. It is to reduce the suicide cases that always crop up in the news.