Reading and listening critically. An annotated bibliography is a list of entries describing sources that relate to a topic. You will want to both summarize and analyze the source: Contact the Writing and Communication Centre. The difference is that the writer of the annotated bibliography briefly summarizes the purpose, key findings or arguments, and conclusions of each source and often evaluates its relevance or merit.

We hope that the resources above will provide you with the information you need. We are in the process of refreshing and developing resources to help you with your communication needs. Transitional words and phrases. Skip to main Skip to footer. You will want to both summarize and analyze the source:. Because article is a peer-reviewed academic journal, its credibility is already established C Summary of main arguments and their development D Elaboration of strengths and limitations of work, as well as usefulness to project Example 3:

Ensure that the citation for each entry is complete and in the proper bibliographic style. Move from research to writing. Annotated annktated have four important functions, and any individual annotated bibliography may fulfill one or more of the following roles: You will need this information to form complete citations for the items you include in your annotated bibliography.

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For example, if your topic relates to the political engagement of new Canadians, the Political Science Research Guide points to resources that track political science-related publications. Much like the References or Works Cited section of a research paper, an annotated bibliography is an alphabetically organized list of research sources with a focus on a limited area of study in any discipline.

Make sure you know what is required in your case. You should try to read through it several times and proofread from a hard copy at least once. Contact the Writing and Communication Centre.

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Run-on sentences and comma splices. Can you be clearer or more concise?

Annottated topic should interest you and match the scope and requirements of the assignment. Does each item contribute to your research topic? Writing and Communication Centre. His conclusion is that the previously accepted assumption of an excessively high disease incidence in this age demographic is unwarranted and misleading.

Writing and Communication Centre Resources Our resources cover a range of topics related to writing and communication across various disciplines, audiences, and situations. Feel free to view anotated print the resources we currently have available. Writing a first draft. When you return to it, re-read what you wrote and consider how to make it stronger. Writing and Communication Centre.


annotated bibliography uwaterloo

His findings uncover several computational errors in the traditional assessment methods, particularly the statistical pattern tools developed by Marsh and Bibliographt Skip to main Skip to footer. To learn about research strategies, check out this 2-minute video from the Library. After you have written a full draft, put it aside for a while.

annotated bibliography uwaterloo

They can also connect you with the liaison librarian with research expertise in the areas you are exploring. You will want to both summarize and analyze the source: Statistical anomalies in standard olfactory-thrognosis incidence studies. How is it specifically useful to your research topic or question?

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What is an annotated bibliography? Two ways to create an outline: Each entry in an annotated bibliography consist of two parts: Its interactive content was designed specifically for students writing technical reports, but it is useful for students writing in other contexts, as well.

Here are 3 tips to help you get started and stay on track.