The AJCN uses a 2-part acceptance process for supplements. Bacterial Nomenclature Up-to-Date http: Egg consumption, cholesterol intake, and risk of incident stroke in men: The Journal does not have a specific policy on simplicate sample analysis, but we will assess these on a case by case basis. When labeling axes, capitalize only the first word and proper nouns; use lowercase letters for the remaining words and put units in parentheses. Units and Abbreviations Use only standard abbreviations. Non-member charges for CC BY:

For guidelines on gene and protein nomenclature, authors should consult the following websites: A separate file should be submitted for each figure. Use metric units of measure; SI units are no longer required. A higher-resolution figure should be uploaded before the PDF is approved. Because Cochrane assessments are now readily available on the web via PubMed, AJCN no longer considers it necessary to disseminate them by secondary publication in the Journal. In addition, the paper must state explicitly that analyses not prespecified are considered exploratory. Report the most important findings, including results of statistical analyses.

Do not include methods, data, results, or conclusions from the work being reported.

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The sole author had responsibility for all parts of the manuscript. State new hypotheses and recommendations when warranted by the results and label them clearly as such. Additional charges are assessed for color figures.


Explain internal scale and identify the method of staining in photomicrographs. For more information on supplement fees, please contact Gina Farago gina. Authors are not billed for the cost of changes for correction of composition, typographic, editorial, or author errors.

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Papers must be double-spaced throughout. These standard abbreviations, however, should be defined at first mention in the abstract. Sign In or Create an Account.

Purchase Subscription prices and ordering Short-term Access To purchase short term access, please sign in to your Oxford Academic account above. If there are 3 or more abbreviations used in the text, the title page of the manuscript should contain an alphabetized listing of all author-defined abbreviations and their definitions. All other manuscripts undergo a complete review by at least two consulting editors or other selected experts.

Don’t have an account? Page or line numbers must be included to indicate where the checklist items are located in your paper. Citing articles via Google Scholar. A higher-resolution figure should be uploaded before the PDF is approved. Present your results in a logical sequence in the text, ,etter, and figures. Infant physiology, nutritional requirements, and lactational adequacy R G Whitehead.

Physical activity and weight loss: Unpublished observations and civer communications written, not oral may not be used as references but may be inserted in parentheses with the names of the responsible researchers and letteer year of the observation or communication.


Supplemental Material should have a separate reference section. Egg consumption, cholesterol intake, and risk of incident stroke in men: The Discussion should not exceed 4 typewritten pages except in unusual circumstances as approved by the Editor.

Instructions to Authors

The references must be verified by the author against the original documents. Title page The title page should contain: Social policy issues in the introduction of food to infants: When data are summarized in the Results section, specify the statistical methods used to analyze them.

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An example of a properly formatted author contribution statement is as follows: Introduction Frank Falkner ; Norman Kretchmer. Did the research involve human participants? If you use lettrr from another published source, acknowledge the source fully. Files at publication size must conform to the minimum-resolution specifications listed in the figure below. Doctoral dissertations may be used as references. Indicate explicitly in your cover letter what is truly new in the present work compared to work already published in the field.

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ajcn cover letter