The adjustment can be done by absorptions, modifications, spelling rules, and pronunciation in the TL. The borrowing technique was applied by adjusting and taking the pronunciation of SL, meaning that the meaning is similar. The stem of words are; information is inform, the stem of the reconstruction is reconstruct, the stem of the word demonstration is demonstrate. The word modern in the SL is directly taken to the word modern in the TL. A linguistic barrier is one of the factors why borrowing occurs in the translation. This phenomenon occurs determined by the ideology in translation, because the ideology is to determine the way of thinking when doing translation. It is needed a residue or do more research related to the some words in the naturalized borrowing.

Borrowing Technique in the Translation of The murder on the Links with reference to Lapangan Golf Maut Dengan ini menyatakan bahwa karya ilmiah tesis ini bebas plagiat. But little did I think when and TL: Culture recently functioned as source of human social belief and welfare. The word tisane in the SL and in the TL refers to the same thing. Nida and Taber The word modern in the SL is directly taken to the word modern in the TL. English and Indonesian languages have a differentiation of spelling system and their pronunciation.

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In the SL, the stem of the word technical is technic, the stem of the word tropical is tropic, the stem of the word political is politic, and the stem of the word theatrical is teater. On October 6,Udayana University was appointed by the Department of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia, which was represented by the Directorate General of Higher Education to organize master programs and on June 1,there are 25 master programs, namely:.


The relevance of this study is that it is a direct translation describing more about its part. Kami baru saja memindahkannya the crime just before you dari tempat kejadiannya dari arrived, as the photographers tempat kejadian kejahatan, segera had done with it.

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Analisisnya terfokus pada teknik — teknik peminjaman dalam mengalihkan unsur asing ke dalam bahasa Indonesia pada majalah cetak. These new functions of culture would certainly offer a new fundamental challenge to the works of law on promoting and maximizing the benefit of such functions and in the same time preventing and controlling the detrimental impacts of the works of ideology.

Based on the explanation above, it shows that the word villa in the SL and the word villa in the TL have the same category. On the other hand, the adjustment merely occurs automatically by changing the double consonants ss into s in the TL text.

The translator of this novel is Suwarni A.

s2 thesis unud

Derivational suffixes are more numerous. The word Maman is a lexical unit in translation. The word partner means orang badan usaha dan sebagainya dari dua pihak yang berbeda yang bekerjasama karena saling membutuhkan atau melengkapi dalam suatu kegiatan, usaha dagang, dan sebagainya KBBI, Based on the explanation above, it shows that the word harem in the SL and the word harem in the TL have the same category.

The other z2 refers to the absorption and adjustment of spelling.

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Instead of the word February in English Lawrence, Borrowing is a word is taken directly from another language, Vinay and Darbelnet, In the version of Charles Perrault, she is exploited as a servant by her family, however, she is allowed by a fairy godmother to attend a royal ball. Tentu saja aneh, tanpa teori yang hold, it would be inexplicable. It is an integration of consonants ph- into consonant f- in the TL.


The form of word is singular in the TL. Based on the meaning, the two words are equivalent. Therefore, there is no adjustment of spelling to the word Maman in the TL. Based on the contextual meaning, it shows that the word bank in the SL and the word bank in the TL have the same different categories. The adjustment occurs by changing consonant c into k in the TL text.

The word psikologis in the TL is categorized as an adjective. The suffix —s is denoted that form of word is plural.

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unuud Suffix — ity Omitted suffix —ity sentimentality p. The descriptions are divided into two parts; its word categories in the pure borrowing and the naturalized borrowing. Based on the meaning, the word omelette in the SL is equivalent to the word omelette in the TL. A big villa And pasti akan menemukannya.

s2 thesis unud

The form here represents the grammatical surface structure of the language, while meaning refers to the semantic deep structures. Based on the und above the suffix -ess, and —or has close related to the person in general.

This word is a name of a person. I Made Bakta, Sp. The same case merely occurrs in the other words.