The impact conventional recorded a count of 8 coliforms per ml. Decantation process must be done in order to have a good result in terms of its turbidity. Preparation of water sample: Destabilization of the particles then can takes place However, in treatment 2 and 3 there are still the presence of coliform but they are non-fecal or harmless.

This solution was put on a minerals; hence there is no standard value for it but high magnetic stirrer and stirred gently for 10 min. Multiple mean conductivity values. The turbidity, pH, and conductivity and total coliform were determined for all the samples. Box 24, Navrongo, Ghana. This project is aimed to compare the treatment efficiency of Moringa oleifera Lam. In the first table, the acidity increases as the concentration increases. The author explains dosage rates, steps required for household water treatment, and other helpful advice; for example, the author indicates that M.

Every coagulant is said to have its own optimal range of pH which affects the efficiency of their actions thus making pH an important parameter to be considered Linggo, Marso 17, They have a difficulty in purifying water because it is expensive and it is not available on those rural areas, so in this situation there is a need for us to find an alternative supply of water purifier which is the malunggay seed powder that can replace aluminum sulfate.

In table 1, it can be observed that there is no stable trend because as we can see from the table, the control, Treatment 1, and Treatment 2 has decreasing trend, however, when it comes to Treatment 3 it suddenly increased. Antibacterial activity of Moringa oleifera and Moringa stenopetala methanol and n-hexane seed extracts on bacteria implicated in water borne diseases.

A food plant with multiple medicinal uses. Fermentation tubes containing brilliant green lactose bile broth were inoculated with medium from the tubes showing a positive result papee the presumptive test. It was caused by multiple and various kinds of microorganisms such as protozoa, viruses, bacteria and intestinal parasites.

Throughout the whole experiment, only the seeds that are brown in colour are used due to their higher coagulation activity as prifier to the green pods which has no coagulation properties.


The cationic antimicrobial peptides AMPs are one of the cationic peptides that are able to kill antibiotic resistant bacteria, including several human pathogens Sedes et al. Water clarification using Moringa oleifera. The Heterotrophic Plate Count HPC is a procedure and a microbial method for estimating the number of level heterotrophic bacteria in water that uses colony formation on culture media to approximate the levels of heterotrophic flora.

Water, powder, Moringa, alum.

malunggay seeds as water purifier research paper

It is sesds very important for removing toxins from the human body. Crush appropriate quantity of seed kernels from above table to a fine powder. Numerous nations that are as yet inadequate with regards to water treatment system can’t appear to provide their residents with an adequate quality that follow the minimum requirement of a drinking purified which resulted in the image of an ideal country where all citizens receive clean water supply has totally vanished.

Water Purification using Malunggay (MoringOleifera) Seeds

In table 2, the control which has not been treated with malunggay seed powder and the Treatment 1 which has 2 g of pape seed powder are both verified positively the presence of Fecal Coliforms using Multiple Tube Fermentation Technique.

The seeds also have antimicrobial activities that are utilized for waste water treatment. According to Postnotewater- vialle et al.

Determination of the optimal dosage of aluminum sulfate in the coagulation-flocculation process using an artificial neural network. In vitro acrylamide contain lower molecular weight water-soluble pro- exposure alters growth cone morphology. Further research studies about water purification using malunggay seed powder must be employed in order to provide a secure and easy means of potable water especially in rural areas.

Accepted 19 January, The high cost of treated water makes most people in the rural communities to resort to readily available sources which are normally of low quality exposing them to waterborne diseases. It is in this light that this research was carried out to confirm the effectiveness of powder extracted from mature-dried Moringa oleifera seeds which is commonly available in most rural communities of Africa. Thus, in the light of this study, an establishment of a cheaper and safer coagulant to treat the problems that rises due to the usage of aluminum sulphate such as health implications for rural areas usage can be established.


Water Purification using Malunggay (MoringOleifera) Seeds

The filtered samples were transferred to the other sterilized container. Thus as a solution to the problem that has been stated, Moringa oleifera can puricier used as an alternative to replace synthetic aluminum to reduce the turbidity of the water and make it more suitable and safe to be consumed by humans.

malunggay seeds as water purifier research paper

A volume of ml of the supernatants obtained from the beakers containing the treatments was measured into a beaker. The initial conductivity reading The sample initial reading of the groundwater is considered as low and it is because there only certain cases could cause changes in turbidity for the groundwater due to the presence of aquifers to filter the water while surfaces water such as river water, could have dramatic increase in turbidity in cases such as after the rain because of the storm runoff wwter is discharged directly to the stream.

One milliliter of diluted sample was pipette into the sterile petridish. In physico-chemical analysis, most of the parameters increase as the concentration of malunggay seed powder increases except for pH and Alkalinity.

Experimental design After each reading, the spectrophotometer was calibrated again with the distilled water before being used on the next sample. This accounted for the Olsen A Application of Moringa Olifer Nalunggay extracted and polyaluminum chloride in water treatment.

Acidification Effects on Groundwater: This lends WHO