The John Monash practice tests includes 3 complete exams. Written by experienced science teachers so you know you are getting quality practice exams. There is also a lot of emphasis on improving English Written Skills, especially on science related topics. I m 12 years old and my IQ range is to Brainworks Learning Centre Login: But firstly, let me highlight some common problems:

The topic I chose was something to do with why it is harder for a reaction to occur with a noble gas. There is also a lot of emphasis on improving English Written Skills, especially on science related topics. Do AP test scores affect college admission? Hope that helps you and if your doing the Year 9 to Year 10 test then see you there: DO NOT learn by rote.

Exam Preparation

Students will become accustomed to the different types of questions, difficulty of questions, exam time limits, etc.

Mobile compatible — do your practice exams anywhere you have internet access. Give yourself a mental break by studying different topics.

At the same time, we cover Mathematics at a much more advanced level esaay what students learn in their mainstream schools. Tell edsay you can! Keep track of your progress and scores you have achieved.

For each question take your time, once you hear your exam instructor say that there is 5 minutes left, stop with the extensive analysis on each question, and just start making educated guesses on all your questions left. Rob, the mathematics and numerical reasoning are very similar they ARE the same company ; if you understand all your year 9 mathematics, you will be fine in it. Keep to your time allocation. Our students also undertake a lot of work in Reading Comprehension and Verbal Reasoning in order to improve their general English skills.


If you show your passion in science through your writing, even though it may be cliche, you will be fine! I haven’t actually done the test but I’ve heard from somebody that there was something about chromosomes Do the questions you know first then come back to the other questions.

We therefore prepare students for all possibilities While our Year 10 Entrance program is specially targeted for John Monash, it is also very helpful to students trying to enter Year 10 in other selective schools. Why do teachers make you look at them?

Studying with others, sccience example being in a study group. Selective school preparation class at Cranbourne: Cross out the answers that are obviously incorrect, then focus esaay the remaining choices. Numerical Reasoning — 50 questions 30 minutes Verbal Reasoning — 60 questions 30 minutes Reading Comprehension essya 50 questions 30 minutes Mathematics — 60 questions 30 minutes Creative Expression Essay writing — 15 minutes Analytical Expression Essay writing — 15 minutes ACER -testing for: In addition to our regular coaching classes, we offer students an opportunity to sit for a series of Mock Examinations before they sit for the real examination.

Diagrams were an integral part of these responses. Students are encouraged to supplement this with their own research at home. Recall what you know about the topic.


jmss science essay

Written by experienced science teachers so you know you are getting quality practice exams. Sample Science Essay — See the elements come together from the writing task guide to form a compelling science essay.

EDX-Year 10 Entrance

Tuition centre at Cranbourne West is mainly conducted by experts who are excellent in different subjects and thus can help students to get prepared for school entrance exams.

Jot down initial ideas.

jmss science essay

Our VCE teacher can help you with Homework and other concepts. Take Your Sales To Essah Next Level Contact us send us an email, or fill out our contact form to speak with one of our experts and learn how we can help you increase your sales. Answer the questions in the sequence that is easiest for you. Coaching or tutoring center at Cranbourne is mainly to make students prepared for different selective school exams and other sciehce exams.

Should I be worried? Stress Management Maintaining physical fitness is important, with regular meals, sleep, exercise and rssay. If they are the same, you are probably right. Short Answer and Essay Questions Read and analyse the question.