Explain the latest WAF. List all the required input items Choose any of the c. Write down name of executable file. Name a DBMS used in 1 web-based application. By Jackson Cheah Yong Yuan. The program will calculate and display the actual amount to be paid. Locate information from H1 more than one source.

Sketch the user interface 2 design for output. Fix the processor correctly. Evidence from the candidate can be used to show the implementation of this assessment. Problem Analysis Duration of practical a. Based on the sale, they will get commission on number of books sold. Your program should allow the user to key in the radius of the sphere. Write down name of executable file.

Use a formula to calculate and display the area of the triangle. Sketch the user interface 2 design for input.

Define web-based Report must be done 2 application. Follow Us Twitter Facebook. Write the names of group 1 members H2 b. Explain the latest open source application Written assignment software.

Year 7 Unit 7. Arrange the wires according to the A wiring schematic order for one 2 end AND B wiring schematic order for the other end. Write the number of slides used. The report must show the participants for each category of different sports houses. Present the information in 5 to 10 1 H1 slides.


ict coursework 8.1

Verbal Presentation Evidence Assessment No. Pupils are assessed at regular intervals and are encouraged to accept responsibility for their learning by formal and informal reviews of their progress and performance.

ICT & Computing – Holy Cross Catholic High School

The database should store student ID, name, class, form teacher and marks for each subject taken. Testing Phase Authoring Tools: Use a formula to calculate and display the area of the rectangle.

Complete this written assignment individually. Translator used 2 3. Students have the task of organising a school trip.

ict coursework 8.1

This will include promotion using video, sound and graphics, word processing and mailmerge as well as creating a spreadsheet to uct their accounts. Create a report based on the query 2 created.

ICT & Computing

Write down the name of the executable file. Write a program to calculate the body mass index BMI. ONE software 2 to 4 weeks 4. This information should be transparent to candidates but cannot be referred by them during the assessment itself.


Document format 1 6. State the function of the application. Written paper Systems Architecture, Memory. Explain the latest WAF.

Create a form for each 1: H2 Write the IP address of 1 the computer. Give an example of web-based 1 application. State an advantage of web-based 2 application compared to non web- based application.

Describe types of network Refer to submitted written assignment a. The user will key in the weight and height of a person. This includes preparing the required things and substance.