While a member all-party committee was formed in to look into the demand of various social organisations for introduction of the Inner Line Permit ILP , not much progress has taken place. Any tampering with the existing safeguards of the Hill Areas will be unacceptable to them. Written By Pranav Joshi. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. We will take all indigenous people along, in hills or plains:

Else, what will be the basis for sub-classification? Before , Manipur was a sovereign state with an elected government. It will enable to build an unique Manipuri identity, and gain respect from other societies. In the eyes of the tribal people, there is a hidden design behind the recent demands and protests. Or we should introduce it in tandem with ILP. ILP is demand only for Valley districts of Manipur. This is an offshoot of the Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulations, , [1] which protected Crown’s interest in the tea, oil and elephant trade by prohibiting “British subjects” from entering into these “Protected Areas” to prevent them from establishing any commercial venture that could rival the Crown’s agents.

We, the undersigned, are shocked at the brutal murder of a youth Since Manipur, which attained Statehood inis not officially a tribal State, there are constitutional challenges manilur implementing the ILP system. The idea seem to be to convert Manipur into a tribal state like Nagaland or Mizoram by forcing the government to admit the Meiteis into Scheduled Tribe category and then place the entire state under a uniform ILP regime.

The Inner Line Permit system will cause more trouble in Manipur, not less

This has led to increased competition essy employment opportunities among other things. So what exactly is the Inner Line Permit, and why is the issue so sensitive?

ILP advocates also say that Manipur had not acceded to the Indian Union when the Constitution was drafted, and hence it had no say in the framing of the Constitution. In the eyes of the tribal people, there is a hidden design behind the recent demands and protests. So why should essah be ILP for a state with majority of general people.


Inner Line Permit ILP is an official travel document issued by the Government of India to allow travel of an Indian citizen into a protected area for a limited period. Signs of growing strife were already evident in the state. ILP is mmanipur British era document.

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The ILP, which remained in force untilwas revoked by the then Commissioner of Assam, whose jurisdiction also covered Manipur. Please enter your comment!

Inner Line Permit

This requirement was abolished by a circular issued by district magistrate which took effect from 1 Mayalthough foreign nationals are required to get Protected Area Permit for this region. The agitation gained momentum after an 11th grade student from Ananda Singh Higher Secondary Academy, demanding the implementation of the ILP system, was killed when police used teargas to disperse protesters.

ILP permit is issued in SIlachar for only 3 days. It is obligatory for Indian citizens from outside certain states, to obtain such a permit.

Inner Line Permit – Wikipedia

The hill tribals are sub-divided into more than 30 ST groups, based on dialect, clan relationships, mythical origin, etc. Rather, special laws protecting the tribes should be implemented.

essay ilp in manipur

Unanswered questions So many crucial questions remain about the proposed ILP regime. Thereafter the legislative assembly was dissolved and Manipur became part of the Republic of India in October, Aganin you have to go to Mizoram Secretariat to extend it for a ij more days.

Despite various assurances from the state government to implement it, the issue of ILP is still in a deadlock as the government is probably, in a state of indeterminate about it.

One demand in the memorandum proposes the insertion of a new provision in section of the Manipur Land Revenue and Land Reforms Act, Millions of Indians are spending their youth trying to get government jobs Delhi: Sesay signifies a constitutional recognition of the hill-plain divide in Manipur.


Cultural identity- We who are still have to pay our dues for incorporating Multi denominational in our religious rituals following the proselytization of Vaisnavism during manippur century King Kyambacan save ourselves from such further unwanted aftermath in future.

essay ilp in manipur

Public appeals by tribal bodies against such attacks in civilian areas were unheeded. Do the Meiteis plan to enter the ST category as one homogeneous category? Complaints about flouting of reservation rules in favour of the plains people are common too.

Any tampering with the existing safeguards of the Hill Areas will be unacceptable to them. Everyone of us guilty for our parts in the menace of migrants influx: Criminals and epidemic diseases- It is an effective tool in prevention of entering criminals and epidemic diseases into the state. The system is in force in the neighbouring States of Nagaland and Mizoram and also in Arunachal Pradesh.

Then, there was the issue of planting of landmines by Meitei militants in the tribal areas, leading to more than 60 civilian casualties from to Students staging sit-in-protest demanding implementation of Inner Line Permit System in Manipur on Monday Considering the need of the implementation of ILP in the state, this time around too various individual and social groups set off again, demanding to enforce it after the monsoon session of manlpur Manipur Legislative Assembly.

March 29,