Meanwhile at CIMC, from 9: Please also note that the Chelmsford Community Band is scheduled to hold its final performance of the season on the town common at 7: Come join us for our Beginners’ drop-in with Narayan Liebenson this evening, 6: We are not helpless. Learning to be grounded as we embrace the fullness of our life develops clarity and relaxation and provides a natural foundation to bringing embodied ease into our daily lives. Come join us for our Beginners’ drop-in with Nara It is a sincere and heartfelt wish for the peace and happiness of ourselves and others.

On Saturday evening there will be a sharing circle; a meditative question will be asked and investigated. The revival of the bhikkhuni sangha began about 30 years ago and has now spread throughout the world. Registration is not required; this is a drop-in program. Black Lives Matter Cambridge. Also on Saturday Coming up this weekend, CIMC will host a day-long 10am to 4:

For more information on this and other CIMC offerings, please visit http: This is a lottery retreat, with registrations due October 17, Greetings and happy spring!

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During our time together, participants will learn how to meditate along with others who are in the beginning stages of practice. For more information on this series and other offerings at IMCN, please visit http: To register for single-day option on Saturday, please visit http: For morn information, please visit http: The Practice of Integrity.

It is open to all levels of experience — beginners are welcome and encouraged. Office Cleaning Services 1. The second video is a short 2 min. Narayan Liebenson will be guiding the retreat. Due to ongoing construction in the Chapel, we will meet upstairs in the Sanctuary.


White Awake – 7 Hour Daylong Workshop (2017)

Home Improvement Services Please join as we explore how cambrdge together these two forms has the power to bring us deeper into the mystery of being fully alive! More immediately, the Sangha at the Temple Forest Monastery is still seeking volunteer support for their upcoming Winter Retreat:.

This course is suitable for those who are new to meditation, or who wish to jump-start and establish a more regular practice. Together we will explore how to engage with resistance and how to cultivate the authenticity that melts the hardness in our hearts and embraces connection.

White Awake – 7 Hour Daylong Workshop () | White Awake

During the break, set up the space so that when participants return they are seated in a large circle. Sellele lehele meeldivad lehed.

cimc cambridge homework

In the past, the temperature in the Chapel has been quite variable — especially at this time of year cmbridge so please dress in layers for optimal comfort. For anyone who is unfamiliar with the church, enter as usual at the office, take the stairs to the second floor, and follow the hallway all the way to the end. That is all for this week.

cimc cambridge homework

There are still a few non-residential spaces open for this event, and a waitlist for residential openings. All dana that is collected will be donated to support the Worldwide Organization of the Alliance for Bhikkhunis.


We cultivate the intention to be at ease, to treat ourselves and others with kindness and compassion, and to fully open to the as-it-is-ness of the moment. Epstein recently joined contributing editor Amy Gross for a lengthy 49 min.

Are we sitting or walking simply to be in cumc present moment, or is there an agenda? In this way, metta is known as a protection, guarding the mind from unwholesome thoughts, replacing them with caring intentions.

cimc cambridge homework

Please join us for tea and conversation in the dining room afterwards! For more information, please visit http: The meetings take place from 6: For more information, please visit the Boston Meditation Center website: Note three distinctive qualities of this video: As it stands now, it looks like Brenda, Rebecca and I will be carpooling in from Chelmsford for the Siegel lecture.

The act of bearing witness to the truth is powerful in its own right. There will be a short guided meditation and time for questions and discussion.