So, for example, TNT Express customers are willing to pay more for the services which deliver faster. More guests, the higher utilization of rooms and restaurants. Time will be the sensitive part from consumers as this may affecting the feedback from customers. Upload document Create flashcards. Quality of service also means helping guests sort out their own problems.

Dependability saves time Take, for example, the maintenance and repair centre for the city bus company. Questions 1 What are the main ways in which Aldi operations try to minimize costs? In addition, agility implies that an operation and the supply chain of which it is a part supply chains are described in Chapter 6 can respond to the uncertainty in the market, Agility means responding to market requirements by producing new and existing products and services fast and flexibly, Flexibility inside the operation Developing a flexible operation can also have advantages to the internal customers within the operation. Regulation defined as result in pressure group action and result in law and policies to support business and protect customers, workers and environment. Dependability gives stability The disruption caused to operations by a lack of dependability goes beyond time and cost. Entrance of the Penang Mutiara Hotel Sources from:

Internally, flexibility can help speed up response times, save time wasted in changeovers and maintain dependability. Besides, the stuffs also take good cares of the hotel hence hotel can be lasting and look good over the years.

Makes the point that although speed can have considerable advantages, it also has its ‘dark side’. Externally, it can pass good value and savings to consumers.

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Sunday, August 21, Case Study: Currently, 1 per cent are late, in other words, 50, items per year. Dependability arrangement reduces the chance of repeating input resources or some resources leaving unused increasing the cost of maintain or store fee, or labor cost.


The main benefit of speedy delivery of goods and services to the operation’s external customers lies in the way it enhances the operation’s offering to the customer. Flexibility able to give fast service for the consumers depends on the operation.

The more minimizing mistake, the more minimize the excess labor costs to pay for doing excess works; third, less mistake and using top-class and durable materials also result in saving expenditures such as maintaining fee, cost of materials resulted by mistakestransporting fees, and other excess expenditures.

Wrong communication can obstruct people, getting to resists changing. For example, a specialist foodservice company supplies restaurants with frozen fish and fish products. The business strategy is use to create leverage resources and capabilities in way that results in super value creation compared to other competitors.

In the long run, Wernie should look into diversification and expand globally, divest non-core properties, target new source markets such as Southeast Asia, China and India.

TNT Express is the world’s leading business-to-business express delivery company, delivering 3.

Any deviation from the plan will very soon be noticed by customers. Plans include extending the technology to provide precise estimated times of arrival every time a cab is called and automatic call back to confirm each reservation.

Step 3 – Consider the internal effects of each performance objective. If we think it’s going to get above the level where response time to customers would become unacceptably long, we will call in staff from other restaurants in the hotel. Th, hire the new employees from the other companies in same industry to make companies easier to compete with the same products and services.

Others will objectoves some general knowledge of business activity and some might require an element of investigation.

case study operations objectives at the penang mutiara

To gain the goals of a business, besides the manager, staffing will use to support business strategy. For example, garment manufacturers attempt to cut out the various pieces of material that make up the garment by positioning each part on the strip of cloth so that material wastage is minimized. In business, coordination is necessary because all business have goals. Posted by The Red Writter at 2: And, marketing a product will known as the part of internationally known, trustworthy system.


Being cheap is our speciality Hon Hai Precision Industry is sometimes called the biggest company you have never heard of. Government regulation [Online] Available at: Speed adds flexibility Fast response adds the capability for operations to the flexibility dealing with urgent things. More guests, the higher utilization of rooms and restaurants.

Operations objectives at the Penang Mutiara

All of which means that TNT Operations management is a ‘make or break’ activity 2A Express must continually update its network of air, road and sortation facilities and perfect the seamless integration of all its processes. Help Center Find new research ay in: Step 1 – Look again at the figures in the chapter which illustrate the meaning of each performance objective for the four operations.

case study operations objectives at the penang mutiara

Over time, however, dependability can override all other criteria. From the general manager comment, Penang Mutiara hotel was support with luxury ambience by using stylish design and top-class materials. If the total throughput time for the door panel is six weeks, door panels are being processed through their first operation pejang weeks before they reach their final destination.