Citedby 8 docs – [ View All ]. He is responsible to implement the official language policy of the Government and circulate instructions, guidelines to all Zonal offices, Regional offices and Kendras. The Director general shall be responsible for issuing notices for the meeting of the Sangathan and its Board of Governors and keeping causing to be kept minutes of the proceedings of the Sangathan and the Board of Governors. Dr M P Gupta. She is responsible for all matters relating to the Director General Secretariat. Alteration or extension of the purpose of the Sangathan.

Establishment and Coordination section. The Members shown above were at the time of formation of the Sangathan Society in This peti- tion is directed against Award dated 2. Therefore, I agree with the conclusion of the CGIT that termination of petitioner’s services is bad in law. The main job of auditor is to analyse the audit reports, recommend for special audit of the Kendras whose report is in negative. Full Name in capital letters. Preparation of literature for circulating to the employees.

Designation of the post.

case study of nehru yuva kendra sangathan

Determination of ex-officio Membership. The Board of Governors shall consist of the mendra In the absence of both the Chairperson and Vice Chairperson the Members present shall choose one from among themselves to be the Chairman of the meeting.

In the event of there being the equality of votes or any question, the Chairperson shall have a casting vote. Murari Lal Sharma, Accounts Clerk w. Upon such stydy, the vacancies shall be filled in accordance with the relevant provisions of these Rules. I adopt the same yardstick and Award a sum of Rs. Therefore, I agree with the conclusion of the CGIT that termination of petitioner’s services is bad in law.

The resignation shall take effect only from the date of its acceptance by the Chairperson. Parikh, learned counsel for the workman is right in contenting that even Telecom Department of Union of India as well as Department of Posts were held to be an “Industry” and contrary view taken by two Judges Bench of Supreme Court was overruled in the case of General Manager, Telecom Vs.


Accordingly, he was appointed as Accounts Clerk w. It was also submitted that the petitioner had not raised the contention that petitioner was doing sovereign function before the CGIT and in any case the function being discharged by the petitioner cannot be treated as sovereign function.

case study of nehru yuva kendra sangathan

Certified that this is the correct copy of the Rules of the Sangathan. The award for the year was presented to Professor S.

This does not need any clarification or detailed discussion. Establishment and Coordination section. Further study could reveal whether these are like the Great Red Spot, which has been observable for at least years, or more ephemeral. This leaves us to decide the question of relief to which the workman would be entitled to.

Thus, the Court found that Physical Research Laboratory has engaged in pure research in space science. Thus, the concerned workman had worked for over days during preceding 12 consecutive months, counting backwards from In that case the Court clearly found that triple test as laid down in Bangalore Water Supply case supra was not fulfillled.

If not, what relief he is entitled to?

It has not been pointed out how the knowledge acquired by PRL or the results of the research occasionally published by it will be useful to persons other than those engaged in such type of study. Petitioner did not deny that workman’s services were terminated w.

What will be the case study on Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan?

It is engaged in pure research in space science. Two of the members of the Society may be nominated by Government to be its Vice Chairpersons. He submitted that the said judgment holds the field till date and in fact whenever the another Bench of Supreme Court took contrary view it was specifically overruled by the Larger Bench of the Supreme Court relying upon Bangalore Water Supply case supra To substantiate this, he submitted that the Supreme Court in two judgments, namely, SubDivisional Inspector of Posts Vs.


However, it was cass that petitioner being not an “Industry” provisions of Disputes Actwere not applicable.

Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan vs Union Of India & Others on 26 May,

They are suppose to dispose off the DAK and maintain charts and registers etc; of the cse and acquaint themselves with latest rules and regulations. Nehrj of cases, filing of additional reply, etc. Alteration or extension of the purpose of the Sangathan. The Labour Court has recorded a categorical finding that the research work carried on by PRL is not connected with production, supply or distribution of material goods or services.

Suraj Pal Singh And Ors. An Annual Report of the proceedings of the Sangathan and all work undertaken during the year shall be prepared by the Board of Governors for the information of the members of the Sangathan Society and the annual accounts of stuxy Sangarthan alongwith the audit report thereon shall be placed before the Sangathan Society at its Annual General Meeting for approval.