Also included are titles of the preliminary pages as well as the required forms. Discussion of specific features of other systems that you intend to replicate and improve will help define what is to be expected in your project. Photographic illustrations to be used in the document must with original photographs or high quality reproductions. The students may be asked to one of the following: If used, make it brief and centered in one page. Acceptable serif type font style is Arial 12 or Times New Roman

Acknowledgements should be expressed simply and tactfully. Inform their adviser where their project work will be performed and where they can be contacted during the time-tabled project period. A draft copy can be first submitted to the panelist for checking whether all suggestions were followed and incorporated in the manuscript. Thesis topics for bsit durdgereport web fc com admissible under the rules However benefits accrued to the holders of this degree after. As part of administrative responsibility, the College Dean may sit during the oral examination.

Usually it includes the phases and its sub-phase of the systems development life cycle.

Theoretical Framework This section will only be included in BSCS thesis, only when it is a foundation or theory based research. Return to Start Page.

Thesis for bsit

Master thesis proposal abstract. It examines articles, books and other sources relevant to a particular issue, area of research, or theory, providing description, summary, and critical evaluation of each work.


bsit thesis guidelines

In special cases, inform and ask approval of the adviser and the panel of examiners for the changes that will be done on the topic presented and approved in the proposal. Automata and Formal Languages b. Use line types symbols, shading, and patterns to distinguish between data.

Five 5 hard bound and three 2 electronic copy stored in CD-RW. Single-space should be used in tables with more than ten 10 rows, quotations with more than ten 10line captions with more than ten 10line captions with more than 2 lines and bibliographic entries.

The adviser is expected to: The page you are looking for seems to be missing. If possible the adviser should be: Thesis Capstone Project Guidelines v Thesis. Materials must be printed on one side of the paper only. The committee suggested the following areas of study for theses and capstone projects: The students may be asked to one of the following: In particular, the following project requirements which students, advisers, and panel of examiners are expected to follow.

The technical panel recommended the use of the ACM style of citation and bibliographic entries for thesis and capstone project. The first chapter should describe the importance of the study, the expectation and its impact on the specific areas once it is completed.

Preparation of Tables a. Inserted pages numbered 10a, 10b, 10c, etc. If there are special hardware e. Bsit guideljnes documentation Bscs bsit thesis guidelines Pictaram.


Bsit thesis topics

By Luke Bastian Ladia. Text in the cover page should include: Before presenting the findings, conclusion and recommendation, actual demonstration of the project or prototype maybe required by the tuidelines.

bsit thesis guidelines

In a few words, list the target platform s. Keep a record of their contact with the student and the bit work done in accordance with guidelines prescribed herein. The title of parts, sections, or chapters and their principal subdivisions should be listed and must be worded exactly as they appear in the body of the document.

Revised guidelines-ICS theses | Lien Nhoj Capule –

Text, tables and figures must yuidelines presented in black ink only. It usually shows the advancement of findings throughout time. If the bulk of the document necessitates two or more binders, the separation into volumes should come at the end of major divisions of the document. Present here the complete description of the game, the game key features, the htesis, the platform s and concept art o Description: The exact date, time and venue of defense will be posted on a designated bulletin board in the department.

bsit thesis guidelines

Duplication Processes and Materials All computer typing must be of letter quality. Go back, or return to yourcompany.